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5.3 Rovers

A rover ticket allows the holder to make an unlimited number of journeys within a defined area for three or more days. The National Rail Enquiries website has a list of all ranger and rover products.

Rover products come in two different formats: consecutive rovers and flexi rovers.

A consecutive rover is valid for a set number of days consecutively from the first day of validity to the last (for example, Freedom of North West 7-Day Rover). A flexi rover is valid for a set number of days within a given period from the first day of validity (for example, Freedom of North West 4-in-8 Days Rover), instead of being valid for every day within its validity.

The product with the most comprehensive coverage of the National Rail network throughout Great Britain is the All Line Rover, which comes in two versions: 7-Day and 14-Day Rovers. There is a large number of regional rover products covering different areas of the network, many of which offer both a consecutive and a flexi option.

Freedom of Scotland Travelpass offers complete coverage of Scotland (4-in-8 Days or 8-in-15 Days), while Explore Wales Flexipass gives you total freedom in Wales for 8 consecutive days on buses, 4 of which inclusive of rail services.

5.3.1 Time Restrictions

Most rover products have time restrictions on weekdays. Time restrictions can vary and some rail staff could be unaware of the restriction of certain products. It is therefore advisable to check the details for individual products before you travel, and bring a copy of the information with you if possible. (The information on time restriction can be obtained by searching for the relevant rover here and clicking the Validity tab once you have followed the link to the individual page of your specific product.)

5.3.2 Ticket Issuing

A consecutive rover should be issued on one coupon (picture examples), nevertheless it has been reported in some cases, a consecutive rover ticket has been issued with a date box coupon. The additional coupon containing date boxes is not needed in theory nevertheless please do not discard the date box coupon as some staff might insist on seeing it.

A flexi rover ticket is issued on two coupons (picture examples): one for the actual ticket and the other with the corresponding number of date boxes the rover can be used for. A flexi rover ticket is not valid without the date boxes. You must validate a flexi rover ticket prior to use by inserting the correct date into one pair of the date boxes as instructed on the coupon.

5.3.3 NRCoC Condition 19

A rover ticket valid for a minimum period of 7 consecutive days, or a minimum of 3 days in a minumum period of 7 days, is classed as a leisure travel pass for the purpose of NRCoC Condition 19(c).
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