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5.7 PTE Products: Seasons

In addition to day ranger products, all PTEs also offer season tickets for unlimited travel on a combination of different modes of transport within their own respective areas. Some PTEs offer season tickets with have additional validity from selected places outside their own areas (e.g. West Yorkshire Rail Only MetroCard, West Midlands Out of County nTrain ticket). Please follow the links below for each product for more details (only products including unlimited train travel have been shown):

5.7.1 Time Restrictions

The majority of PTE season tickets have no time restrictions on when they can be used, however exceptions do apply in a limited number of cases. Make sure that you check with your retailer when buying your ticket.

5.7.2 Ticket Issuing

Some PTE season ticket products require an accompanying Photocard bearing the same serial number as noted on the season ticket itself. The season ticket is not valid without the Photocard. Other products do not. Please see details of each individual product by following the links supplied above.

A PTE season ticket should be issued on one coupon. Most of them cannot be sold outside the area, on the train or from a TVM as they require dedicated stock.

5.7.3 NRCoC Condition 19

A season ticket issued on behalf of a PTE is not considered a season ticket for the purpose of Condition 19(c). Some of them are considered zonal tickets for the purpose of Condition 19(a), such as West Yorkshire MetroCards. Nevertheless if the zones are not numerically consecutive, it is unclear whether the boundaries of PTE products join together, unless when they overlap at stations (e.g. West Yorkshire MetroCard and South Yorkshire TravelMaster overlap at Darton, amongst others).

A special mention goes to West Yorkshire MetroCard. MetroCard tickets covering any combination solely within Zones 1-5 (and valid on the buses) are not considered season tickets for the purpose of Condition 19(c), however MetroCard Zones 1-5 plus 6 and Zones 1-5 plus 7 Rail Only tickets are not valid on buses (even within Zones 1-5 despite being valid on rail services throughout Zones 1-5) and are considered to be season tickets under the proviso of Condition 19(c).

Season tickets offered by South Yorkshire PTE may not be combined with National Rail products for travel on cross-boundary services using Condition 19(c).
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