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5.9 London Travelcards: Day Travelcards

A day Travelcard offers unlimited travel on National Rail, London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, Tramlink and Transport for London bus services within the London zonal area. An inboundary day Travelcard is valid solely within the zones, whereas an outboundary day Travelcard also includes one return journey from the origin station (which would be outside the zones) to the zonal area.

Inboundary day Travelcards are available for Zones 1-2, Zones 1-4 or Zones 1-6.

Outboundary day Travelcards are only available including unlimited travel within Zones 1-6. Special arrangements apply when the origin is within Zones 7-9, or one of WATFORD JUNCTION [NLC 1402], BROXBOURNE [NLC 6812], BRENTWOOD [NLC 6872] or SHENFIELD [NLC 6888], in which case the Travelcard will be routed AAA LDN ZONE 7-9, giving unlimited travel throughout Zones 1-9.

A day Travelcard is valid on all Transport for London bus services irrespective of the zones it covers. A day Travelcard is valid over the whole of the Tramlink network if it is valid in any of Zones 3, 4, 5 or 6.

5.9.1 Time Restrictions

An Anytime Day Travelcard is valid from 00.01 on the date specified on the Travelcard until 04.29 the day after.

An inboundary Off-Peak Day Travelcard is valid from 09.30 on the date specified on the Travelcard until 04.29 the day after.

An outboundary (Super) Off-Peak Day Travelcard will have its own specific restrictions depending on the origin. This is usually aligned with the restrictions on the (Super) Off-Peak Day Return from the same origin to LONDON TERMINALS [NLC 1072], although it is not always the case. Make sure you check the restriction text for your specific ticket.

Time restrictions do not apply at weekends and Bank Holidays.

5.9.2 Ticket Issuing

A day Travelcard should be issued as one coupon.

If you wish to purchase a day Travelcard valid throughout Zones 1-9, you may encounter difficulties as some staff are unaware that it should be issued with the origin set to a station within Zones 7-9 (such as AMERSHAM UND [NLC 0506] or BUSHEY [NLC 1395]) to LONDON ZONES 1-6 [NLC 0035]. The ticket will automatically be routed AAA LDN ZONE 7-9. (This additional validity is not currently consistently applied if the origin is one of THEOBALDS GROVE [NLC 6949], WALTHAM CROSS [NLS 6823] or CHESHUNT [NLC 6814], which all joined the zonal area in January 2013. In these cases, it is currently recommended that you purchase the Travelcard from a London Underground ticket office to ensure you get the additional validity.)

5.9.3 NRCoC Condition 19

A day Travelcard is a zonal ticket for the purpose of Condition 19(a).

5.9.4 Family Travelcards

Discounted (off-peak outboundary) Family Travelcards are offered by the following Train Companies:
  • c2c;
  • Chiltern Railways;
  • First Great Western (selected journeys only);
  • Greater Anglia;
  • London Midland;
  • Southern.

The maximum group size is 2 adults and 4 children, and each group must consist of at least one adult and one child. Children travel for a flat fare of 1, except on Greater Anglia where a 2 flat fare applies and on Chiltern Railways where a 3 flat fare applies. The group must travel together at all times.

You can check adult fares on BR Fares. The fare type is FTC. Remember that for outboundary Travelcards, you need to use destination LONDON ZONES 1-6 [NLC 0035].

No further Railcard discount is available on Family Travelcards. For certain flows, an alternative group travel scheme, such as GroupSave, might offer better value. See Section 6.2 for more details. Family Travelcards can be particularly useful to those without a Family & Friends Railcard.

5.9.5 Minimum Fares

A Railcard-discounted Off-Peak Day Travelcard is subject to a minimum fare of 5.90 (from 19th January 2014).

A Railcard-discounted Anytime Day Travelcard is subject to a minimum fare of 17.00 (from 19th January 2014). Railcard discounts are available on Anytime Day Travelcards from stations outside Zones 1-9. No discount is available on Anytime Day Travelcards issued for journeys wholly within Zones 1-9.

These minimum fares apply at all times, including weekends, public holidays and days in July and August.
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