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5.10 London Travelcards: Travelcard Seasons

A Travelcard season ticket offers unlimited travel on National Rail, London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, Tramlink and Transport for London bus services within the London zonal area. An inboundary Travelcard season is valid solely within the zones, whereas an outboundary Travelcard season also includes unlimited travel between the origin station (which would be outside the zones) and the zonal area.

An inboundary Travelcard season ticket is available for any combination of two or more consecutive zones. An inboundary Travelcard season ticket may be issued on an Oyster card instead of on paper, depending on availability at the issuing station.

An outboundary Travelcard season ticket must include validity in at least Zones 5 and 6. When the origin is one of WATFORD JUNCTION [NLC 1402], BROXBOURNE [NLC 6812], BRENTWOOD [NLC 6872] or SHENFIELD [NLC 6888], the Travelcard will be routed AAA LDN ZONE 7-9, giving unlimited travel within Zones 7-9 additionally. If the origin is a station within Zones 7-9, special arrangements apply. Please refer to Section 5.10.6 below.

A Travelcard season is valid on all Transport for London bus services irrespective of the zones it covers. A Travelcard season is valid over the whole of the Tramlink network if it is valid in any of Zones 3, 4, 5 or 6.

5.10.1 Time Restrictions

No time restrictions apply to Travelcard season tickets. The ticket is valid from 00.01 on the first day of validity until 04.29 on the day following the last day of validity.

5.10.2 Ticket Issuing

A Travelcard season ticket may be issued for a period of one week, or any length of time between one month and 12 months.

A Travelcard season ticket should be issued as one coupon. It is only valid if accompanied by a Photocard bearing the serial number noted on the ticket.

5.10.3 NRCoC Condition 19

A Travelcard season is considered a season ticket in the context of Condition 19(c). It is also a zonal ticket for the purpose of Condition 19(a).

5.10.4 Price of Monthly Travelcard Season or Longer

Generally speaking, the base rate for calculating the price of a Travelcard season valid for a period of one calendar month or more is the price of a weekly Travelcard season for the same area. The formulae used are the same as the ones for calculating the price of season tickets and are listed in Sections 5.4.4, 5.4.5 and 5.4.6. When the weekly Travelcard season uses market-based pricing, the base rate can be calculated by dividing 40 into the price of the annual Travelcard season. For examples of calculations, please see Section 5.14.2.

5.10.5 Gold Card Benefits

The holder of an annual Travelcard season enjoys all the benefits listed in Section 5.4.7. An annual Travelcard season ticket issued on an Oyster card will also come with a Gold Card Record Card. If an annual Travelcard is issued on paper, you are also entitled to load your Gold Card onto an Oyster PAYG (Pay As You Go) card to benefit from discounted off-peak fares.

An Oyster card containing an annual Travelcard season can also hold credit and act as a Pay As You Go card for travels outside the area covered by the Travelcard (but within the London zonal area). In this case, it is important to understand that you will still have to manually add your entitlement to discounted off-peak fares to the same card, as the process is not automatic.

An annual Travelcard season with Gold Card benefits can be issued at any station subject to the availability of correct ticket stock.

5.10.6 Special Arrangements: Outboundary Origin Within Zones 7-9

A Travelcard season with an origin station in Zones 7-9 may have different validities regarding unlimited travel within Zones 7-9 depending on the destination. For example, a BUSHEY [NLC 1395] - LONDON ZONES 4-6 [NLC 0057] Travelcard season is routed AAA LDN ZONE 7-9, giving unlimited travel up to Zone 9, whereas a Travelcard season from BUSHEY [NLC 1395] - LONDON ZONES 1-6 [NLC 0035] is routed AAA LDN ZONE 7-8, offering unlimited travel only up to Zone 8. The details of how these origin-destination combinations are routed and priced are contained in the accompanying .pdf file below.

Please enquire with your retailer what the additional validity within Zones 7-9 is if the origin is one of THEOBALDS GROVE [NLC 6949], WALTHAM CROSS [NLS 6823] or CHESHUNT [NLC 6814], which all joined the zonal area in January 2013, as publicly available information is inconsistent.

5.10.7 First Class Fares

First Class fares for inboundary Travelcard seasons can be obtained by multiplying the corresponding Standard Class fares by 1.5 and rounding up to the next 10p.
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