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5.12 Season Ticket Refunds / Changeovers

A season / Travelcard season may be submitted for refund before the expiry date if the passenger no longer needs it, provided that the minimum period of validity remaining as defined by Condition 36 of the National Rail Conditions of Carriage has been met, however if the ticket is surrendered towards the latter part of its validity, there might not be any refund value left due to the fact that a season / Travelcard season ticket is a heavily discounted product.

Originally Posted by NRCoC 36 Extract
36. Season Ticket refunds

If you decide not to use or to stop using a Season Ticket, a refund will only be made if the Season Ticket is returned to the Train Company from which it was bought. However, to qualify for a refund (in the case of a Season Ticket valid for a month or more when issued) there must be at least seven days’ validity remaining or, in the case of any other Season Ticket, at least three days’ validity remaining.
A season ticket refund is subject to an administration charge of up to 10. A refund request can be submitted at any staffed ticket office, although it will need to be forwarded to the issuing company for processing.

As a general rule of thumb, an annual season ticket has no refund value after 10 months 13 days. If the value is low, this timeline might be shorter due to the administration charge.

Instead of refunding the existing season ticket and purchasing a new one when a passenger’s journey requirements change, a season ticket changeover may be more appropriate. A changeover may be issued for a change of journey, route or class of travel. A passenger's right to a season ticket changeover is specified in Condition 37 of the NRCoC.

Originally Posted by NRCoC 37
37. Changing one Season Ticket for another

You may change one Season Ticket for another covering a different journey or class of travel provided that the original ticket was valid for one month or more, and has at least seven days’ validity remaining. In this case, you will only be required to pay the difference in price between the original ticket and the new one, calculated pro rata to the number of days of validity remaining on the ticket. If the new Season Ticket is for a cheaper journey or class of travel, you will be entitled to a refund on the original ticket, calculated pro rata to the number of days of validity remaining on the date the ticket is handed in. The validity of the new ticket must start on the day after the original ticket is handed in and must expire on the same date as that of the original ticket when it was issued. You will not have to pay an administrative charge.

Although refunds are not usually made on duplicate tickets which have been issued to replace lost Season Tickets, applications for refunds for duplicate tickets will be considered under this Condition.

Different arrangements may apply for Season Tickets issued on Smartcards. The seller of the Smartcard or Electronic Ticket will make these clear to you when you buy your ticket.
A season ticket changeover is not subject to an administration charge, and is available provided that the ticket surrendered is valid for a minimum period of one month. The new season ticket will bear the same expiry date as the original ticket.

If the season ticket after the changeover no longer satisfies the requirements for a Gold Card, the replacement ticket must not be issued on Gold Card stock, regardless of whether the surrendered ticket was issued on Gold Card stock.

Season ticket changeover requests can be processed at any staffed ticket office.

It is important to remember that generally refunds cannot be issued on replacement or duplicate tickets if the original is not found and handed in within 28 days of it being reported lost. In the case of a refund due on a season ticket changeover, the amount will usually be credited as an extension of validity to the season ticket. However sometimes Train Companies can use discretion and issue refunds in these cases.

Please note that PTE products and other multi-modal integrated fare products, as described in Sections 5.6, 5.7 and 5.8, have different arrangements regarding changes in journey requirements. The procedures described in this section and examples shown in Sections 5.14.4 and 5.14.5 may not apply.
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