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1.7 Promotional & Experimental tickets

Promotional fares are defined as "special fares limited by duration, destination or distribution" (source: ATOC). These are normally advertised by the TOC directly (on their website, on their Twitter/Facebook presences, in station, in their customer magazine etc.) or in conjunction with publications. In the case of the latter, it may be necessary to buy a number of different issues to collect differently numbered tokens.

In some cases, a voucher and/or tokens (from either the TOC or a publication) needs to be exchanged for a ticket before travel. Most will either require that the voucher and/or tokens be exchanged at a specific ticket office or selection of ticket offices.

In other cases, the voucher will state tickets need to be purchased from a specific website (possibly with a specific code), and the voucher and/or tokens need to be carried to make the tickets valid. If you travel without the necessary vouchers and/or tokens, you may be treated as if you are travelling without a ticket.

The type of ticket available varies with each promotion, but most promotions will take the form of a discount on Advance tickets or a promotional “System Pass”. A “System Pass” refers to a ticket which allows travel on all services run by the stated TOC. Such tickets are only available as part of a promotion, and may exclude travel at “Peak” times and on certain services. Examples of previous “System Pass” promotions include Southern’s “Day Save”, East Midlands Trains’ “Red Dot Days” and London Midland’s “Great Escape”.

Some promotions (e.g. Club 55) are run by multiple TOCs, and occasionally allow travel on more than one TOC.

Please be aware that promotional tickets may be subject to quota controls, in which case they will be sold on a 'first come, first served' basis.

For information regarding promotions which are available, please see the Special Offer Tickets thread.

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