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Default Advice: Bedford to Egham

Hi guys,

After a bit of fares advice if possible?

There are four of us looking to travel from Bedford to Egham on Sunday, with return on Monday evening for three of us. We all have 16-25 Railcards and Oyster cards.

I would imagine that the cheapest would probably be something like Bedford-St. Pan, St. Pan-Feltham on Oyster and then Feltham-Egham? Of course, this requires a change at Feltham in order to touch out.

Are there any other options available that could be cheaper? Groupsave springs to mind though I don't think these can be bought online so I can't check the fares, and might not be possible if only three of us are travelling back?

Standard direct off-peak day return is coming in at £26.55 - can anyone find any cheaper please or know better? I've had a quick look in the booking engines and think that what I suggested above may be best, though I can't remember the price I found...

Many thanks,

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I'm from M390
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Are you OK with travelling on FCC from Bedford to St. Pancras? GroupSave is "difficult" when combining EMT with other TOCs.

Are you aware that an off-peak day return is only valid to return the same day? The price you've quoted is in fact an off-peak return though so the return half is valid for a month.
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Perfectly happy to travel with FCC - we're in no real hurry so are happy to take the slower Thameslink trains if need be.

And thanks for pointing that out - slip of the keyboard as I did indeed mean off-peak return that I quoted for!


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