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Your skanky old single decker is not gonna come cheap either...........to work on service it'll have to be DDA compliant, which pretty much rules anything out under around 20-30 grand. Plus u need premises, repair facilities, a back up and I believe a certain amount in yer bank account before u even get your O licence.....?
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Originally Posted by AndyW33 View Post
There's a reason why the A6 corridor between Penrith and Kendal has hardly any bus service. As sheep aren't issued with ENCTS passes I doubt if you'll make your fortune out of this scheme, even if CCC actually pay up promptly for those few humans with passes who turn up.
Way back in the 1970s the through stopping bus service vanished in favour of short workings out of Penrith and Kendal that provided the villages with minimal links for work, school, and shopping. Through stopping journeys were instead provided for by Ribble's regional express services, X21 Liverpool-Preston-Lancaster-Kendal-Penrith-Carlisle, and even by the Manchester-Glasgow and Liverpool-Edinburgh non-motorway journeys. This of course made the routes stage carriage, useful for fuel tax rebate and bus grant. But there was no need to extend the running time to cover the extra stops, because nobody used them anyway. To balance crew duties, at one time a Preston driver exchanged buses with his Carlisle equivalent in the layby at Shap Summit on the first bus of the day. Not much fun in a snowstorm in February, I remember.
Funnily enough I was in Shap today - by car, of course - and I noticed there's a forthcoming coffee morning in aid of - Air Ambulance? Mountain Rescue? Macmillan nurses?? No, in aid of the 106 bus service between Penrith and Kendal. I think it will be the first time I've seen a coffee morning the proceeds of which go (maybe indirectly!) to Stagecoach!
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Originally Posted by MotCO View Post
I've tried googling this report but could not find anything. Can you provide a link?
Probably a year or more since I read it, so it could have disappeared. Memory can be fragile, but the figure of 160,000 comes to mind: no reason given for its non-payment e.g. Cornwall Council disputed it.
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