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Lansdowne hotel and conference centre Norwich:

less than 10 mins walk from station, about 4.50 in a cab through the 1 way system.

Its not Modern and tripadvisor makes grim reading but for what it is its fine and certainly acceptably clean, poor to non existant wifi but mobile data good.
Bed fine, tiny tv but didnt use, kettle with tea/coffee abd bickies. Limmited plugs so advise a multi block if needing to boost multiple devices.
All rooms ensuite on multiple levels. Unique gated lift with swing door on each floor and showers reasonable. Recently under new ownership and understand refurbs planned.

Delicious breakfast with fruit/cerial, OJ, tea/coffee and full English as well as other choices. Breakfast water on my visit last Friday was an X BR and later privitised Anglia franchise guard and later booking office clark now semi retired and just working an easy job. Receptionists Husband works at Crown Point Depot and another member of staffs partner is a Greater Anglia Stuard. When joking suggesting that more enthusiasts book they said we were welcome and no doubt crank chat and basher speek would be fine! Bar and eavening meals available but didnt sample. Paid 46 quid advance rate B and B.
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