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Originally Posted by jonmorris0844 View Post
Given the poor signage, you could just walk into first class, remove all the antimacassars and put them on random seats throughout the train! I bet that would confuse people.
I think they would have a riot is anyone was told not to stand in the "1st class" doorways. Space is at a premium already. If the doorway is lost to the standing passengers they have succeeded in making something worse than even the 317s. (Which you could have sort of accepted if first class was in a similar position - but most of us want it behind the cabs so we know how to avoid it whichever way the unit faces.)
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If GTR put in sliding doors in the vestibule, fine. But why spend the money (which they obviously wouldn't, so not sure why I even said it!) when you could just put first at each end?

It would actually mean that everyone would know that if a 387 or 365 turned up (317s and 321s having gone), first class is always at the front or back of each set.

And then the 700s come. Well, what do you know.. front and back on those too!

It's a no-brainer. Or maybe that should be someone had no brain when deciding to relocate first class for absolutely no logical reason what-so-ever!

GTR wouldn't even need to work out what's what to display on the screen to benefit those first class passengers. Oh, wait. They don't even do that on GN so those who have paid extra have to rush around on the platform when their train turns up.

Can anyone please tell me the logic of what GTR has done on the 387s? Was it a 'f*** you' by someone who has since left the company?!
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