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Originally Posted by paulweaver View Post
The banking industry wants to minimise customers who make mistakes. The railway industry doesn't really care, as they can take anyone who does make a mistake to court.
This wasn't a mistake, it was an unneccessary guess. They also aren't going to court (yet). 99% of the wibble in this thread is irrelevant (yet again).
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Originally Posted by paulweaver View Post
Because those numbers have checksums and other bits of information to help ensure the number is correct, because those companies don't have an incentive for people to get the number wrong.
Well done for missing the point. The point being that in the case of those numbers, particularly banking, people wouldn't be making a guess.
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Originally Posted by paulweaver View Post
If you read that page it makes it clear that modulus checking does not provide a foolproof check against invalid input:
If the modulus check collapses, it is not specifically the bank account number which is inaccurate. It could be a valid bank account number, but the sort code has been mis-interpreted or perhaps keyed-in inaccurately. Even more difficult, if the sort code that is inaccurately keyed-in is outside of the validation range, the normal modulus checking laws would pass the information.
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Originally Posted by Darandio View Post
This wasn't a mistake, it was an unneccessary guess. They also aren't going to court (yet).
This should be added to the thread title as all the posts pointing out these two salient facts seem to be ignored.
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I bought an annual season ticket today, and the photocard number on the season ticket has two leading digits that are not on my photocard. So it seems to suit the rail industry to provide mis-matching data when it fancies, but to jump on passengers when they get it wrong.

But since I only use the season ticket as a Gold Card, the photocard's rarely checked.
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This is getting far off topic.

If the OP wishes to continue with this thread when new communication is received, or simply that she has further questions, please get in touch with one of the forum staff and we will be happy to assist. Until then, this is locked.
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