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6.6 Miscellaneous discounts

6.6.1 Scholar Season Tickets

In certain areas, discounts on the purchase of season tickets are available for those attending local schools or colleges. Administration can be carried out direct with the TOC, or may be administered by a third party such as a Community Rail Partnership. The exact terms and conditions vary between areas, for example, some are only valid for educational purposes.

Known areas/providers for scholar season tickets:
6.6.2 Greater Anglia Football Season Tickets and Flexi-Tickets

Greater Anglia provides season tickets and 'Flexi-Tickets' (a carnet of 10) for members of, or match season ticket holders at; Ipswich Town (Ipswich), Norwich City (Norwich), Tottenham Hotspur (White Hart Lane/Northumberland Park) and West Ham (Stratford/Forest Gate) football clubs. These are valid for one season only and the origin must be on the Greater Anglia network. They are only valid for attendance at home games; between the nominated origin station and the applicable station for your team's football ground.

They can only be purchased online through Greater Anglia at http://www.greenrailtravel.co.uk/aca...l_Seasons.html.
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We value your feedback. Please send a private message (PM) to the author of the specific post in question.

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