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4.8 Cycles

You can travel with a bicycle on most services. Notable exceptions include most trains into central London at peak time, in common with many non-National Rail services, such as deep level tube lines and the DLR. Depending on the rolling stock, bicycles may need to go in a specific section of the carriage or in the luggage van. Look out for a bicycle symbol by some train doors, or ask staff where to board.

Cycle reservations are available on some services, either optional or mandatory. Cross Country trains require mandatory reservations that cannot be booked on the day of travel. There are a limited number of bicycles that can be conveyed on each service, so it best to obtain a cycle reservation as soon as possible, either when buying a ticket or later from a ticket office. Tandems, tricycles and bicycle trailers are not carried unless otherwise stated by the operator. You can find full details on the appropriate train operating company's website.

Folding cycles can be taken as normal luggage if they fit within the size requirements, however on c2c and Stansted Express they should be transported in a protective carrying case, and on London Overground there is a limit of one per vestibule area at peak times.

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