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Originally Posted by JonasB View Post
Starting in April 2017, there will be five airlines flying between Arlanda and London (SAS and BA to Heathrow, Norwegian to Gatwick, Easyjet and Monarch to Luton), so there should be no need to fly to Västerås or Skavsta.
Excellent, worth bearing that in mind. Monarch is a required airline, and Luton a required airport. Hmm, that may sway my research...

Thanks for the heads up!
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Originally Posted by Iskra View Post
It would be rude not to do a trip report Tech

I've just taken a look at flights and they could work out cheaper and less risky in terms of time and connections, but it would remove some of the fun of the trip for me. However, what does look like a better option is doing the circular route from Norway heading back into Sweden to Sundsvall and then flying to Stockholm Arlanda airport from there. Good idea and thanks for the suggestion.
Not really any point in flying Sundsvall - Arlanda (I didn't even know there were still such flights) as it's just over 3 hours on the train, and the Arlanda station is directly beneath the terminals.

If you do the circular trip through Norway, you'll get plenty of scenery. I've never done the Nordland line Bodö - Trondheim, but all I've heard is that it's very scenic. As a big plus, it's diesel operated by Di4 class locos. Their sound is outstanding...

Going back from Trondheim to Sundsvall should be straightforward, you'll be on an NSB DMU from Trondheim to the border station in Storlien and then on a Swedish EMU. You could also transfer to a Stockholm bound long distance service in Östersund or Ånge and go directly to Arlanda from there. You will be making a shortcut between Ånge and Gävle, bypassing Sundsvall entirely. I personally find this line more interesting and more scenic. Some of the services are also loco hauled.

This map could be useful: http://www.bueker.net/trainspotting/...peninsulas.gif

The Norrland sleepers will be using the new coast line between Sundsvall and Umeå, the classic main line inland sadly has no more passenger service. It's outstanding scenery wise.
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I agree that flying from Sundsvall to Stockholm on the return trip might mot be the best idea, door to door it's not that much faster than the train. And since there is no public transport to the airport you will either have to walk the last kilometre from the closest bus stop, or take a taxi which might be a bit expensive.

If time is an issue and you plan to end your round trip in the area I suggest you fly back to Stockholm from Östersund or Trondheim instead (both airports are easily reached with public transport), depending on how important the Trondheim-Östersund line is for you. Trondheim Airport (Værnes) is very close to Hell, so if you have some time while waiting for your flight you can spend it at Hell railway station.
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look forward to reading your post on your journey. I am currently researching for just such a trip, followed by boat trip to Bergen and flam railway journey to Oslo. Visited Norway last year and found trains comfortable.
Good luck
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