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Default Eurostar seats

Hi folks,

Happy new year!

I've been having a mooch about the Eurostar site planning a few days in Paris with the family in the Eastar holidays. I'm trying to check prices and availability of 4 seats together at a table or forward facing seats across an aisle. Is there a way to check fares and seat availability before entering payment details and booking the tickets?

For example, on domestic services, last time I booked tickets from London to Edinburgh I could see the prices and what seats were free before I booked and paid.

Kind regards,


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Peter Mugridge
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If it's a 374 you can't get four across any more because they've gone for an untidy non-symetrical layout.

If it's one of the older 373s with the neater and more logical internal layout., you can get four across.

Both types do have tables of four.

I cannot answer about seeing which seats are free because I always book in person at St Pancras ( despite their new surcharge on doing this! ) and can do a specific seat selection on the spot with the ticket sales people. I've never tried looking online for seat availability.
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Last time I used the website (late 2015) you could see the prices on a range of trains before selecting one, and having done so see seating plans with availability to select seats, all before making payment. So just close the window at that stage if you don't want to go any further. It was also possible to change seat after booking, although I think either form of seat selection was suspended if the train was nearly full.
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As far as I know, nowadays you can only select seats after you've booked if you use the website.
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