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Originally Posted by Wilts Wanderer View Post
Apologies, meant to say Advanced. (Previous post edited.)
In that case the T&Cs say you can only change trains as per your itinerary.
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Originally Posted by Wilts Wanderer View Post
In seriousness, with the Euston-Lancaster *advance* single what would stop you from alighting at Wigan and boarding a following service that calls at both Preston and Lancaster? If you were also carrying a Wigan-Preston ticket you would be both permitted and not permitted to leave the train at Preston!
If the advance single specifies travel on a particular train, then it would not be valid on the following train, so the only thing you are permitted to do is leave the train at Preston.

Although it does cause an intriguing technicality: If you didn't leave the station at Wigan, then you didn't break your journey, but you also can no longer use your advance single ticket.

Clearly, as with the original suggestion of staying on the train but using a Wigan-Preston single, you are breaking the spirit of, and the intention, of the regulations. Whether there's a case for saying you haven't broken the letter of them is something only a court could decide. And I'm not sure a test case would even be worth attempting because if something went to court and was ruled in favour of the passenger, all that would happen is the rules would be re-worded to more precisely match the clear intention of them.
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Originally Posted by sheff1 View Post
Some people, me included, clearly find it interesting. Any one who finds it boring is under no obligation to read the thread.
I do not have that luxury as I have a job to do on the forum.

Please read existing threads if you want to rehash old arguments.

Clearly nothing new is being added in this thread. Locked.
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Originally Posted by najaB View Post
I don't agree with that conclusion. I agree that when the train arrives at Preston they are at the end of the Wigan to Preston journey and that ticket ceases to be valid.

However the Euston-Lancaster ticket is still valid and they still need to complete that journey.
You may use two or more tickets for one journey.

The passenger has not made a Wigan to Preston journey.

The passenger has not made two journeys.

The passenger has made one journey, which is London to Preston.

None of that is in dispute by anyone else (I hope!), but we are not all in agreement as to which combinations of fares would be valid for that journey. We never have all members of this forum in complete agreement on that particular issue. But can we stick to that argument, instead of arguing over the strange concept of an additional journey that has been completed that was never even commenced.
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