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Default Gatwick Airport

Unfortunately I have to fly from Crapwick next month.

We need to arrive at the airport (South) at about 9am.

Normally would use GatEx on the WebDuo offer, but this seems to be only valid for return journeys. Our return flight comes into City airport, so only need a single.

What would be the cheapest/most convenient way to get out there?

A weekday morning, two people, 2 together railcard. Can depart from Shepherds Bush or Chiswick mainline stations and travel via Clapham if cheaper.

Any advice gratefully received

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Two Together not valid at that time of the day so can be discounted.

Cheapest is likely to involve some sort of split at East Croydon. Chiswick/Shepherd's Bush to East Croydon via Clapham Junction is £3.60 peak (£2.60 if touching in before 0630), and an Anytime Day Single Thameslink Only fare from there to Gatwick is £4.50, so a total of £8.10 (£7.10).

If touching in before 0630, and you do not want the hassle of splitting at East Croydon, a through fare on Oyster is £8.10 via Clapham Junction from either origin.
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Hmm ok, tricky one I think. We won't have too much luggage as are only off to Edinburgh for a few days so don't mind the hassle of changing etc..

We could really push it and arrive at 10am Gatwick (our flight is just after 11) which would mean that we can get the 9.30am GatEx train, getting us there exactly 10am....

Not sure what to do :/
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Don't push it, better safe and paying extra for peak-time travel than stressing if security has large queues/the 09:30 Gatwick Express is cancelled.
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