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The Yutong CB12 demonstrator is apparently to enter service with Yourbus very soon, if it has not already done so. Bit of a come-down from Citaros, that...
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Originally Posted by ag51ruk View Post
To answer my own question, there is a new registration for Yourbus route 1/1A between Derby and Alvaston starting 12 February. Nothing on the Derbyshire route update pages yet (they still produce info for City of Derby services) .

They seem to have decided that Arriva are an easier target than Trent Barton or NCT.
Arriva seem to be retaliating with a new service to Alvaston via Pride Park, four journeys per hour but they run three minutes in front of Yourbus. Doesn't start until 6th March though, so Yourbus have a month to get established on the route.

Strange how Arriva are calling theirs F1, should we read anything into that!
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May explain this registration

C North West of England DUNN MOTOR TRACTION LTD HEANOR GATE ROAD, HEANOR GATE INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, HEANOR, DE75 7RJ, GB PC1094655 Valid PC1094655/40 Registered 1 2017-01-03 2017-02-28 1 (1A) Vary Route 2017-01-10T00:00:00+0000 Variation Accepted by SN Variation applications
BTW I *HATE* the new VOSA registration website.

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The New Yourbus Timetable for the 1/1A is now online on the Derbybus website


Both the 1/1A will operate every 15 minute, giving a combined service departing Derby Bus Station every 7/8 minutes by Yourbus

From looking at the timetable, both Arriva and Yourbus services will depart Derby Bus Station at the same time however, Yourbus will operate the opposite route to the Arriva service
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Default The Sixes...

I appreciate that this has nothing to do with a "Bus War" and also nothing to do with Nottingham but this seems to be the forum for Trent Barton and its services so I'll ask the question here..

There are a number of rumours circulating in the Belper area concerning the Sixes group of services. The rumours are of a major recast of services in April, the withdrawal of the 6.X and using that spare capacity to increase the frequency of the 6.1 to two services an hour one of which will terminate (as now) at Bakewell, the other turning short at Matlock. Presumably this means both running, as now via Wirksworth.

There's no doubt the bulk of the revenue on this group of services is the 6.2 and 6.3 and the Derby - Belper portion of the 6.1 and 6.4 and I can see he reasoning behind this move should it happen. The current timetable has been in operation in excess of fifteen years with only minor tweaks (the addition of some FO and SO services) in that time.

I've heard this from a number of TrentBarton connected sources and just wondered if anything had surfaced elsewhere.

The branded Scanias on this group of services are now 11 years old and, to put it mildly, are showing their age. They had a mid-life cosmetic refurbishment around two years ago but they are all looking and feeling increasingly tatty.

The rumours regarding YourBus competition on the Derby - Belper section of the Sixes appear seem to have died the death despite the appearance of YourBus vehicles apparently undertaking timing trials well over a year ago.

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