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Default Please read before asking for fares advice

Many members are more than happy to help you by providing advice on how to get you good value fares, but please try and help by providing adequate information when creating a new thread asking for advice on the best tickets to buy for your journey.

When asking for advice, please ensure you post the following:
  • The origin and destination stations of your whole journey (and any via points if applicable)
  • The date(s) or day(s) you are travelling, and whether you are making a single or return journey
  • The time you wish to travel (eg: exact time, morning/afternoon/evening, peak/off-peak, time not important, etc.) and whether you require flexibility or are happy to be booked on a specific train
  • Whether you hold a Railcard or some other discount entitlement
  • Whether you are willing to accept a (much) longer journey time in return for cheaper fares (not always applicable) – but be careful, do you want the cheapest fare? We sometimes are asked for this, but the cheapest often results in greatly extended journey times, many changes of train, and may not be best value
We cannot guarantee that we are able to provide details for the cheapest tickets for your journey as this depends on your preferences and also down to the fact that the complexities of railway ticketing means that there are various options to explore.

You may find our RailUK Fares & Ticketing Guide helpful.

In addition, please avoid using three letter codes in thread titles or where you haven't mentioned the station before. Their use is acceptable for follow-ups where you use the correct code (eg: BNS is Barnes, BHM is Birmingham New Street).

Fares Advisors

We are starting to appoint volunteer Fares Advisors, so that you can identify people who are deemed knowledgeable and experienced in railway ticketing matters. Please note that the forum cannot be held responsible for any advice given by any member. Fares Advisors will try their best to give advice where they can, though may not be able to give the optimal advice in every situation.

Changes to the Routeing Guide

On 9 October 2013 ATOC released a major update to the Routeing Guide, this means that some routes which were previously permitted may no longer be. Please be cautious if you are planning on using advice regarding routeing from a post published around or before this date. We strongly advise you consult the Routeing Guide, or ask on the thread in the usual way, to ensure any such advice is still valid.

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