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Ash Bridge
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Originally Posted by GW43125 View Post
The VEP is, to quote "a bit knackered". As such, the minions need as much help as they can get (to the tune of £25,000) to help see this beauty back on the mainline, where she belongs: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/4VEP3417

This is, of course, no small task. Many components need replacing, from the comforts, such as toilets (now done I believe) and seats (a lot of work left to do), to the more important parts such as step boards and brake hoses. It's taken over a year's work to get the electrics alive again. You can follow the group's progress at: http://setg.org.uk/news/

I am not involved in this project sadly, however I work with people who do, anything you can give, be it a pint's worth or a much more substantial amount, would be greatly appreciated by all.

Let's work together to get this beauty out again!
I would love to see this happen and to get this EMU back where it belongs on the 750V DC juice again, therefore I've just made my (sadly rather modest) contribution.
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There is a note on the Just Giving page that if a donation is made via The Bluebell they may be able to claim gift aid=+25%
I will give them a ring to check it out
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Peter Mugridge
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Out of curiosity, why do so many charities still register with JustGiving when MyDonate does exactly the same thing except that it doesn't charge them for the privilege?
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