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Originally Posted by MATTWILLIS2016 View Post
In response to embers post
It is SOUTH WEST (Exeter downwards) and not the west that is striking.
yep sorry typo.
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Originally Posted by MATTWILLIS2016 View Post
In response to embers post
It is SOUTH WEST (Exeter downwards) and not the west that is striking.
Not surprised they are striking now they have moved the garage. Sign on at Marsh Barton first thing in the morning. Duty finishes about lunchtime in the Bus Station where they have to sign off then in their own time travel back to Marsh Barton pay in and collect their cars. Best of luck to them I say they have a strong case.
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Theres a lot more activity from Stagecoach in the Falfield area recently with the takeover of the Thornbury and Bristol services, however I suspect that the Plymouth based Megabus that visited Junction 14 on the M5 this morning (turning off Northbound then heading back South) had missed the correct tuning at Almondsbury and wasnt a tester for a new service!
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Trident 18304 & another unidentified example undergoing conversation to open top at Plymouth. There are also four Versa's parked up at Plymouth not in use.
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The first of the new liveried hop 2 was out of the spray booth today, not that sold on it or the colours selected. Can't say much more but I'm sure it'll be out on the road soon for others to judge
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For those that are unaware, this week is Cheltenham races. Stagecoach have nabbed every spare decker they can find. Mainly Enviro 400s and Enviro 400MMCs.

Went on one of the new Enviro 400MMCs earlier this week, and they're very nice especially with the at seat charging, which is a huge plus in my books. I'm glad companies are slowly adding charging ports to their fleets.
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