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Originally Posted by TheGrandWazoo View Post
Enjoyed 42879 today as well - very decent machine and climbed well out of Saundersfoot for a 12 year old machine
Indeed. Darts are a hardy, versatile breed. Of course, some are worse than others, but you expect that for any bus type, Darts included.
Uneducated. Uninformed. Unreliable. Unwanted.

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The Harris Great Grand Tour of England

Gather around ladies and gents, it's that time of year again when Mr Harris announces his plans for an annual holiday.

2014 it was Snowdonia, Isle of Man and Isle of Wight. 2015 it was Cornwall and then Scotland. 2016 it was the Lake District. So this year where is it?

Well its a bit of everything this year. A tour of England over two weeks in June.

We start off on Monday 12th June 2017 from Wells at 8 'o' clock. Here we board 29 to Taunton. We then transfer at Taunton onto 30 to Axminster. After half an hour break in Axminster we swap onto X53 to Weymouth. A late lunch/early dinner in Weymouth and then onto X54 to Poole at 5pm. After arriving in Poole about half 6, we wait an hour (or less depending on weather, etc) and then board an R1 from Poole to Bournemouth. The night is then spent in Bournemouth.

After waking up fairly early we board the 8.35 X1 to Lymington and transfer onto the 6 from Lymington to Southampton. A few hours in Southampton roaming around and we then catch an X4 to Portsmouth. We then spend the night in Portsmouth. On the Wednesday we then play trains and head straight into London Waterloo on the 10.20 train, wonder around London for a couple of hours getting lost and then end up on the 14.09 train from Stratford to Chelmsford. We end the day in Colchester after heading out on the 71 from Chelmsford just after 4.

Thursday begins with playing trains. First of all Colchester to Ipswich at 9.47, then quick swap from Ipswich to Halesworth. From here, its bus time. We catch 88A to Southwold at 11.18, then the 99 from Southwold to Lowestoft at 12.05. A quick trip to the transport museum is then in order as we board X22 at 14.10. After a couple of hours, we then head out North West to Norwich on X22, where we end the day.

Friday 16th June and we start with buses, namely the X1. We head out on the 10.30 X1 to Kings Lynn and then swap onto X1 from Kings Lynn at 12.45 to Peterborough. Train time again and we board the 14.52 train from Peterborough to Leicester, where we finish the day. Saturday brings more fun and a whole day spent on the trains. First of all on the 10.01 from Leicester to Derby, then onto 10.42 from Derby to Stoke on Trent. We spend a few hours in Stoke and then board the train once again to head to Manchester at 14.20. The afternoon and then Sunday are spent in Manchester, exploring all the sights it has to offer.

Then we move onto Monday 19th and its time to head to Yorkshire. The whole day is spent solely on the bus. We begin with 184 from Manchester to Huddersfield at 10.28. Lunch at Huddersfield and then onto the X63 to Bradford. At Bradford we swap onto 72 at 16.19 to Leeds and then onto Cityzap to York where we finish the travelling at 18.42.

For the lovers of steam, the next day brings a lot of excitement. We board the Dalesman train on Tuesday 20th June at 8.34, arriving at Carlisle for just after 2 and then returning at half 4, ending up in York at 10pm.

The next couple of days (Wednesday and Thursday) are then time for a break from travel, where we explore Yorkshire. Finally we then return to the West on Friday 23rd, where we board the 11.45 train from York to Bristol and then I will be heading back to Wells on 16.22 376 from Bristol.

All in all, the plan is to have a fun, exciting and relaxing time away, enjoying the various types of public transport and enjoying as much of the British landscape and countryside as possible.

Of course all of this is very subject to change, but the basic plan is there in place. Each destination at the end of the day will not change, whatever happens on the way from point a to b.

I would highly appreciate if anyone was to join me from the enthusiast world. Obviously you have to be as mad as me (and have enough money and holiday leave) to do the whole two weeks, so if anyone at all wants to join me on any leg of the journey, then please don't hesitate to contact me. It would be great to have a few people join in. I really can't wait for this trip.
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