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Joe Paxton
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Default Delay Repay and multiple split tickets

A friend is going from Manchester to Bournemouth tomorrow morning at the last minute, though they're actually going to fly to Southampton then take the train onwards (their employer is paying).

However out of curiosity I just looked at Manchester to Bournemouth tomorrow morning on trainsplit and found an impressive eight splits on the 07.27 XC service from Piccadilly, at a cost of £63.80 - compared to £129.40 for a non-split Advance or £135.30 for an Anytime Single.

The thought of the train being delayed, and claiming for Delay Repay then crossed my mind - something that could potentially involve 8 separate claims! I haven't ever claimed for Delay Repay in a complex split ticketing scenario like this - just wondering if anyone has done something like this, and how the process went? (e.g. Did you have to re-submit any claims etc?)

In this instance it's not only a single TOC, but a direct train - in other cases I guess (multiple TOCs and trains, and possibly multiple delays) it could get a whole lot more complicated.
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It wouldn't be 8 separate claims, it would be one. On a journey from Leicester to Liverpool last month I was delayed 30 minutes on a combination of 3 tickets; two singles and one portion of a return. XC correctly identified the total compensation due from all tickets used (50%+50%+25%) and sent the RTV within a week. Very impressed.

Other TOCs, such as First TPE, aren't very customer-friendly in this regard. On at least two occasions they've refused to issue the full delay repay due and only paid out for the ticket covering the delayed portion; not for previous/onwards journey segments.

It's simpler to send an email to CR with a scan of all tickets rather than try and fit everything onto one form.
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Agreed. You should send a claim including all tickets to the first TOC that delayed you, making it clear that you are claiming the tickets are combined to form a journey under NRCoT 14.1. You will receive compensation based on the total cost of all tickets.

Normally you shouldn't attempt to use their online forms as these tend not to give an opportunity to make such a claim. We normally advise that you post the tickets to them with a covering letter, keeping a copy of everything and a certificate of posting.

If you have purchased from us and the train company refuses to honour its franchise commitments by offering the correct level of compensation, please contact us so we can help you make a complaint. It's worth remembering that consumer rights absolutely DO apply to rail journeys.
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If the Manchester to Bournemouth train arrived in Southampton 29mins late and arrived in Bournemouth 61mins late and the ticket is split Manchester to Birmingham, Birmingham to Reading, Reading to Southampton and Southampton to Bournemouth, could one claim compensation for the entire journey or just the Southampton to Bournemouth part??
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The entire journey. As SickyNicky explains above, multiple tickets can be used to cover one journey. It's a journey that's delayed, not a ticket. If your journey starts in Manc and ends in Bournemouth then that's the journey, regardless of the ticket(s) held.
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Some TOCs have a different view to SickyNicky and will only pay out for the ticket where the delay occurred (possibly more if you argue with them). I've had this happen to me on Cross Country and East Coast in the past.

The Delay Repay wording for most TOCs doesn't account for using multiple tickets. No doubt it wasn't even considered by whoever drafted the terms, so there is a bit of a grey area here.
Peak times are determined by the ticket, not the train
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