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On the District line a few weeks ago, four guys got on carrying cases. suddenly out came musical instruments and they sarted up a jam session. Thing is they were good.
Had to get off at Barons Court otherwise i might have stayed on. i do like live music!
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Originally Posted by Camden View Post
Aside from being somewhat mean and wrong, I doubt that many people who ask for money towards their train fare are actually going anywhere on the train. Hopefully you'll never find yourself homeless or otherwise down on your luck... Lord only knows where in the country you might end up!!
There is that to it, the chances of me being homeless is pretty slim what with me having partial ownership on my parents house and have since I turned 18.
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Originally Posted by Hellfire View Post
It's because some people hand money over that these beggars are encouraged to do it. Most charities advise people never to give to beggars but, if you want to help a good cause, put it in a charity collection box. All too often the cash will be spent on drugs. The Underground is rife with them. Eastern European women carrying babies is a favourite tactic
money given to beggars ends up in one of thre places

1. the next bag of skag
2. the next bottle of white ****e
3. in the pocket of their 'pimp'

never give money to beggars is the advice given by all the responsible charities and the Police
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Originally Posted by heart-of-wessex View Post
When people come begging to me for train fares they really need to do their homework!

Apparently a walk up fare from Euston - Northampton is £7 on Virgin Trains...

Having argued the price and told him VT don't call there at that time he buggered off.
Funnily enoughI saw him a month or so later and asked me again, probably forgot me, this time it was £7 for a Penzance ticket!!
The best I had was in Rochdale with someone wanting to get back to one of the stations on the Blackpool South line (Lytham I think) at around 21:00 on a Saturday night.

Quite a few beggars I noticed around Metrolink stations, walking along the platforms wanting people to put money into their tins
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Originally Posted by takno View Post
Most of the stories are complete fabrications, but the reason they work is that it is perfectly possible to legitimately end up in exactly the situation they are claiming to be in.
which is why are there ways and means for social services / housing / DWP / police to get peopel accomodated and then repatriated to the LA with Statutory responsibility
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