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Default Passenger night trains in Europe: the end of the line?

Consultancy Steer Davies Gleave and the Polytechnic University of Milan produced a research report into the future of night train services, published by The European Parliament's Committee on Transport & Tourism.

The report analyses the financial, economic, social and environmental viability of night train services, in view of recent significant cut backs. It further considers the reasons behind decisions to keep operating them, possible responses to future challenges including deregulation of the coach market, and the case for subsidy.

According to the report, while night train services have declined, they still contribute to the mobility needs of European citizens. Although it seems unlikely that the night train sector will grow beyond a small niche, the authors say that their suggested measures may help ensure its survival.

The full report (pdf, 6.60 MB, 228 pages) can be downloaded from here. A perfect read for a sleepless journey on one of the remaining night trains.
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Bill EWS
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I used the late paper and parcel trains in and out of Paddington over the seven years I was based at Marylebone depot. It would have been impossible to get too and from Marylebone on early starts and late finishing diagrams without these trains. I was grateful that I moved back to my home depot instead of staying at Marylebone as I had considered at the time. Over the next few years all of these trains disappeared.
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Originally Posted by EM2 View Post
Or for people who can't drive and don't like flying.
Or for people who can drive, who do own a car, but who choose the train because they find it a much more comfortable, relaxing and pleasant way to travel.
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