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Originally Posted by 317 forever View Post

Last Saturday I postponed my ride on a GWR 387 to Hayes & Harlington so that I could ride one for the first time on the newly-electrified section to Maidenhead or Reading early next year. Coupled with the Underground through Ruislip to Uxbridge being closed, I focussed mainly on the Ealing & Harrow areas. I only ventured into the Borough of Hillingdon on the Underground from central London to Northwood Hills and then a bus (282) into the Borough of Ealing.

Seems pointless when you consider that:

A- you don't achieve anything by doing this

B- Leave areas had contingents of remain voters and vice versa.
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Was speaking to a lady I work with today saying she hates her job and wants to move to Spain where she had just got back from. I shared with her how a manager put me in touch with her daughter who works for a company in Prague. She asked me why I didn't go for it so I asked her how she voted in the referendum. It kind of clicked for her then.
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