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Originally Posted by Skimble19 View Post
Surprisingly accurate This is also why some of the "First" seats are in the standard section, as there's too many to fit in the smaller section at the inner end of the carriage.. You'd hope the door could eventually be moved and this mess sorted, but I won't hold my breath.
This is what happens when we have trains being specified and designed by people who are not the ultimate end user, and moved about on a transient basis. Having said that, I thought the Electrostar was largely a modular train, so surely it shouldn't be that hard to move the partition and install a second one. Certainly the Anglia Turbostars have had interior changes. Have the refurbished Southern Electostars had partitions added (the Connex spec interior ones never had them as they were originally planned to be standard only, but the later Southern spec ones did)? One supposes that any cost above £zero is too much compared to just swapping the antimacassers and seat cushions round. <sigh>

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Originally Posted by jon0844 View Post
Weird. I wonder if you can email to ask for sites to be looked at?

Otherwise it's VPN time, unless they block/throttle those? (Of course there are ways to circumvent that, but a bit of a hassle).

I should point out that my son was watching YouTube Kids. I doubt it makes any difference, but thought I'd mention it. You never know, the delivery might be slightly different and they simply haven't realised! I shall try normal YouTube next time I travel.
I tried it last night, it was blocked, as were other streaming video sites, but with a different message. The ones I'd seen for the cinema sites looked to be an off-the-shelf piece of filter software (with a Cisco logo). The one you get for YouTube etc. looks rather more bespoke to this particular network.
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Just looking back at the direction the 387s are facing. Just noticed today that all pantographs are facing the same direction on ECML. (313s, 365s, 387s and 91s)

Does it matter to network rail. (Doubt it as the 700s when they enter service will put and end to that)

But that may be the GTR logic.
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I doubt it has any bearing on the infrastructure; there's fairly often 91s facing the other way and they all obviously run on both directions.
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