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Originally Posted by WensleyDale View Post
Planning restrictions at Aysgarth are likely to be very restrictive. The site lies within the Yorkshire Dales National Park, 100 yards away from a National Parks visitor centre. Furthermore it is surrounded by woodland that is designated a Site Of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). I understand restrictions are already in place relating to noise, liquid fuel storage (not allowed) and ground contamination - there is even a restriction on the number of cars that can be parked on site so how this would relate to elderly locomotives and rolling stock is anyone's guess.
I would guess there are planning restrictions and rightly so. However, one has to either accept that
a) Track will be laid at Aysgarth by somebody and trains of some kind will be operated or
b) No track will be laid at Aysgarth by anybody and trains will never be operated.
It seems to me that a) is preferable.
No disrespect to the WR but in the 13 years since I left they aren't an inch nearer to Aysgarth so maybe it is time to let someone else have a crack ?
It must be terrible for volunteers who have toiled at Aysgarth to see their work handed over to a rich individual but that is , sadly, the way things sometimes go on restored railways.
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