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Originally Posted by Marklund View Post
That's quite impressive, wonder if this is repeated throughout the rest of the 253xxx series?
Not all the sets survive, but there are plenty of other examples, and they aren't all still on the former Western Region. 253019 (as was), is happily buzzing up and down the ECML as set EC52 - five of the original 7 coaches from the set are formed in this rake. (The set left the WR in around 1983 when it moved to Neville Hill for use on the Midland Main Line.)

The same applies to a good number of the '254' sets. The old 254031 is pretty much intact as EC56 - the only coaches it has 'lost' are a TS when the TGS was inserted, and a TF was swapped for some reason when it gained one of the former prototype vehicles (in the 1990s I think).
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