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Default South Pennines Day Ranger Ticket

Got a bit of a query on this rover ticket....and the search option on here doesn't really help as it has left me with more questions than answers.

Anyway on Monday I have to do a fair bit of travelling, and by looking at the map of this rover it will certainly do me for what I need to do (and pay the extra between stations where it isn't valid).

However, what stations and routes is it actually valid from as this map from Northern Rail http://www.northernrail.org/pdfs/spe...anger_2013.pdf differs slightly to the National Rail Enquiries one http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/static...ger_020110.pdf .

I will be starting my journey from Sheffield but is it valid via Wakefield Westgate? Searching the internet says no, yet some search results from here say that it is valid.

Am I correct in assuming that if I look at the stations on the border of the map as the boundary, then every other station in the middle of it will be valid which would make the Sheffield to Leeds via Westgate a valid route?
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Yes, the South Pennines day ranger is valid between Sheffield and Leeds. Looking at the maps, it would appear travel would be restricted to services that avoid Doncaster, however NRE offers the ranger for journeys that go via Donny. Draw from this what you will.

The only difference I can see between the two maps is the omission of Denton and Reddish South, which is irrelevant anyway unless you're travelling on a Friday.
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In April 2010 a member of this forum was asked to pay some money to XC's Revenue "Protection" team (see South Pennine Day Ranger & Cross Country trains), this was refunded along with an apology and confirmation of validity.

I've never heard of anyone else having a problem.
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