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Default Season Ticket - Price info

Can anyone tell me

1. The cheapest price of a monthly season ticket between St. Albans and London Blackfriars?

2. Or alternate routes which will have some cost merits?

Thanks in advance,
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Standard class monthly season for St Albans City to London Thameslink* is £238.10 (will go up in the January fare increase, however).
* valid to St Pancras/Farringdon/City Thameslink/Blackfriars/Elephant & Castle/London Bridge

As you're travelling across London then there wouldn't really be any alternatives, I'm afraid as you'd need to have a cross London transfer included in your ticket which you can't have on seasons except as an All-Zones Travelcard (which will cost considerably more).
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I think to be able to make any guesses into what would work as alternatives for you we'd need a little more information. Do you live in St Albans or would it be convienient for you to travel to other station on other lines e.g. St Albans Abbey or Hatfield. Also on the other end is your workplace right next to Blackfriars or would it be within walking distance from other stations?
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