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Default Northern & Central Lines in Open BVE

I have open BVE and have several line on my 2007 Dell Laptop with Vista on, the only trouble is both Northern & Central lines give you complete blackness only showning the small dot of signal down the line, I have tried a few trains 1996 & 1995 on these lines, but they appear not to have headlights and there are no lights at the stations so if your a newbee like me you often miss them. Is this how it supposed to operate or an error, Maybe someone can shead some light on the situation! I would love to hear your thoughts

I was also wondering if there is a site out there that has links for the whole underground network, i know its a lot of computer work to do.
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There is a special OpenBVE version of the Northern line available at http://trainsimcentral.co.uk/northern.htm make sure you download the right one!
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