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Default GWR Laverton Halt railway station

Becuse Iam heading up to this Railway on Saturday and the Limmited ammount of busess from Toddington Iam Wondering if it is Possible that I could get off at this Sation and Catch the Bus Back to Cheltnam as it seems to =pas or go along the B? which I assume is the same or not far away form the Station.
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Laverton Halt closed in March 1960 and has yet to reopen so don't try and get off the DMU there! Indeed, I don't think the service that starts on Saturday goes quite as far as the site of Laverton Halt yet (a run round loop is being constructed there). I don't think the GWSR has any plans to rebuild Laverton Halt in the future but this business is full of surprises so its very much "never say never!"
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You should have no trouble catching the 1729 bus Toddington to Cheltenham after the end of the diesel service at 1645. The stop is a hundred yards or so from the station
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