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Default 222 engine fire at Loughborough Platform 2

Quite a bit of excitement at Lboro today,

it seems that one of the engines caught fire under a carriage, the train & adjacent platform area was evacuated & a fire crew in attendance.
It wasn't clear when I arrived how bad the fire had been.

A HST was stuck behind it on the southbound fast.
Southbound trains were routed onto the southbound slow lines & stopping at platform 3 using SDO 2

(bring on electrification...)
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Originally Posted by brianthegiant View Post
(bring on electrification...)
We've had two class 90s cook up on the WCML in just a couple of months!
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Probably oil leaking onto hot components, causing smoke and giving the appearance of a fire. Apparently the affected unit is 222104, which did the same thing when it was with Hull Trains. Cool down the area, isolate engine and carry on.
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Originally Posted by AlterEgo View Post
We've had two class 90s cook up on the WCML in just a couple of months!
Plus you get the regular overhead wire problems too. Honestly from a reliability point of view there is not much in it between electrics and diesels, especially with units. A diesel engine fails and for a unit it's not the end of the world, infact many can keep time with an engine out (especially longer and more powerful ones). Incidents like this which are DMU specific are as rare as EMU specific faults like pantograph or OHLE failure.
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Yes, it was 222 104 on the 0847 ex sheffield. Fire under car 2. Nicely smoky when we were turfed off at 0955 or so. Looked like oil leak onto exhaust or other v. hot part under the vehicle. BTP were already on the platform when we arrived. following train was delayed 70 mins or so. Others were 10~20mins down. Interestingly evacuation was instructed by staff passing through the train not via the pa. Not the best start to a day qlready lae due to traffic. Lets hope virgin can get a nice run EUS to MAN tonght!
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