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Default Ilford Depot - Crossrail

Reported in Rail Magazine today that Ilford will be the eastern deport for Crossrail. Network Rail preparing an ITT for a possible rebuild of the site.....

GA and Bombardier will be "welcome" to use the depot after it is complete.

Now given that is has been discussed before in other threads (and widely acknowledged) that the current GA facilities cannot cope, what do people think about the above?

Will this result in an even more unreliable knackered old fleet than we have now as priority is given over to Crossrail trains? Will GA unit maintenence become an afterthought?
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Crossrail trains are fixed formation 10 car, so will be almost bound to require some related changes to Ilford (or any existing) depot.

However the trains required for the Shenfield branch are not all in addition to those already in use, as they replace the 315s on the route, so it isn't actually clear what Rail are getting at in that context...

I also think that Crossrail's main maintenance depot will be at Old Oak Common, and Ilford will be for overnight stabling only.
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