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  1. GMChicken
    GMChicken Emily85
    I'll be seeing you on Monday! :D Have you tried on the orange trousers yet? They are not made for women with hips!
  2. infobleep
  3. swanhill41
    swanhill41 doodlebug
    Good evening....Just checking this is the PM function?....Ref your dads rail books....Please confirm ...Richard/Swanhill41
  4. Throttle
    Throttle bb21
    Apologies if my post over stepped. But for clarification the thread was opened following a reference to the site from FaceBook as this site being possibly the last unused source of possible useful case knowledge over claims involving journeys with more than one TOC. The thread has been helpful. Thank you
  5. infobleep
    infobleep Admin
    Hi there

    Thanks for all your help in keeping this site going. I have had an issue with accessing these forums on my mobile tor some months but put off rasing this until now.

    Is their anything that can be done at all? I've created a thread as I wanted to see if others were affected before contacting you alll, in case it was just my devices.

    All the best
    1. Mojo
      This is not an Account of any Admin person on this site
      18 Jun 2018 at 16:28
    2. infobleep
      Ok. Thanks for that. I assumed it would go to all the moderators or people connected becusww it said admin.

      I shall resend it at some point. I wasn't certain who I should contact so admin seemed the most appropriate.
      18 Jun 2018 at 18:10
    3. Starmill
      18 Jun 2018 at 18:53
  6. 59CosG95
    Thrilled to annonce that I'm graduating from Birmingham uni with a 2:1 in Civil & Railway Engineering!
    1. Mag_seven
      Congratulations! :)
      15 Jun 2018 at 17:54
    2. Mojo
      Well done
      17 Jun 2018 at 17:47
    3. Starmill
      Great news - congratulations. :D
      18 Jun 2018 at 18:51
  7. 47421
    1. Starmill
      17 Jun 2018 at 13:32
  8. Whattraintoday
    Whattraintoday bb21
    Hi, regarding the ticket gallery project, would you be interested in car park tickets issued on common stock? (in case you're wondering, BDQ give significant discounts for car parking if you're a rail user, but they can only be issued from the ticket office, hence common stock)
    Happy to scan and post in the thread, but I'd prefer to pixellate my car registration number if that's acceptable to you
  9. Warwick
    Live and kickin'
  10. tjwpsv
    tjwpsv mbonwick
    Hi mbonwick. Really appreciate you posting the Stagecoach fleet cards :-) but just wanted to flag up that there may be an unintentional error with the latest Stagecoach East one. The link to 18 P01 actually brings up 17 P12, which I am sure is not as you intended! Thanks. Tim
    1. mbonwick
      The P12 is a typo on the card - the info is correct for P1!
      15 Jun 2018 at 16:41
    2. tjwpsv
      OK. Thanks!
      19 Jun 2018 at 22:23
  11. OneLowban
    OneLowban jyothi
  12. Donachie
    Donachie uww11x
    Hi Mate,

    I have applied but nothing received back other than submission of application confirmation e mail.

    I am not expecting good news , I think most Carlisle jobs get filled internally , but you never know.

    Have you heard back ??

    1. uww11x
      Hi mate,I haven't heard anything either. I am thinking the same myself :(
      5 Jun 2018
  13. The1
    The1 scabek
    Hi Scabek,

    I had my Medical last week, I Just wanted to know how long before I get an email or phone call regarding reference and DBS check, please could you tell me how long you had to wait?

    Kind Regards
  14. backontrack
    backontrack TimSYoung40145
    Nice to see you back on here :)
    1. TimSYoung40145
      Thanks mate

      Glad to be back
      3 Jun 2018
  15. Darandio
    When you realise it's time to update your avatar after over 10 years...........
    1. backontrack
      Your summer wardrobe, obviosuly
      2 Jun 2018
  16. The1
  17. backontrack
    backontrack Halish Railway
    Welcome to the Quizzes and Games section, and to 'The next station is'!
  18. richard1976
    richard1976 SprinterMan
  19. backontrack
    If Wolf Alice have ever written a bad song, then I don't want to hear it.
  20. backontrack
    backontrack Domh245
    Loving the new avatar! :D
  21. itznonbine
    2 and a half hours until I set off
  22. 59CosG95
    Final exam in full-time education this morning. "Bizarre" barely describes how I'm feeling right now...
    1. backontrack
      Hope it went well :)
      31 May 2018
  23. itznonbine
    Travelling 30/5/2018 on the down Riviera sleeper
  24. mr double 77
    mr double 77 214countdown
    What’s up mate, you log in then click on persons name, then you should be able too pm
  25. LOL The Irony
    1. Duraab
      28 May 2018
  26. BluePenguin
    BluePenguin Robert Symonds
    Welcome Robert!
  27. Taylor Perry
    Taylor Perry
    What if the gwr took over the ffestiniog and blaenau railway and ran it as narrow gauge
  28. DA1
    DA1 Cameron Butler
    Hi Cameron,

    Hope you don’t mind me messaging you. I have my DMI already which is this Friday. I know you’ve provided some advice on the thread but do you remember any other questions they asked? Was it relaxed? Who interviewed you?

    Any further insight and advice would be great as in extremely nervous.

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    2. Cameron Butler
      Cameron Butler
      It was two managers. Guy called Simon and the other Dave. Dave was the depot manager
      21 May 2018
    3. DA1
      Mines shunter so no SPADS document but I’d imagine the interview would be very similar. Hopefully it will be just as relaxed. I’ll do my preparation and think about some possible answers to some of the questions. How long after the DMI did you hear the result?
      21 May 2018
    4. Cameron Butler
      Cameron Butler
      Okay, yeah I feel it was like a very typical interview which lasted around an hour. I had the DMI on a Thursday and found out following Monday via Email
      22 May 2018
  29. TheNimiboy
    TheNimiboy SprinterMan
    Hi, for VTEC the 1105 EMT hire-in actually departs at 1103, and the 1718 departing at 1717, confirmed with RTT. Also I've asked TfL for diagrams for LO\XR through FoI, so I'll message you if I manage to get a response
  30. NYCSubway137
    Ladies and gentleman, I am back!!!