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  1. 6Gtraincrew
    6Gtraincrew anamyd
    158824 is now in tfw livery
    1. anamyd
      thanks for that :)
      22 Nov 2019 at 11:06
  2. steve1981
    steve1981 Ben4567
    Msg me then 07552050703
  3. TrainTrackJack
    Going Trainspotting this Wednesday 13/11/2019 at Malvern Link 1535 - 1800 if anyone wants to join, would be much appreciated.
  4. Ashley Lewis
    Ashley Lewis Cambus731
    Hi, I’ve seen a thread and you posted about having books published by amberly. What titles were these I’d be interested to know
    1. Cambus731
      11 Nov 2019
    2. Ashley Lewis
      Ashley Lewis
      Nice, I have your south west England book. It is good.
      17 Nov 2019 at 23:34
    3. Cambus731
      that's ironic. Thats the one I'm least pleased with as I ended up having to rely on quite a few donations from others. Years ago when I didn't have acess to a scanner I lent a friend a photo album that had a lot of photos taken in South Western England in including Swindon, Chippenham, etc and he lost it.
      20 Nov 2019 at 15:25
  5. Grumpy Git
    Grumpy Git ainsworth74
    Can you please advise how you post a picture? I'm working abroad and next to a busy station. Just thought I'd post one to see if anyone can guess the location!
  6. Struner
    Struner GusB
    Hi Gus,
    Guardian’s Libby Brooks seems to have missed her train in Elgin. She lives in Glasgow & is now asking
    “Where’s good for a coffee and a heat-up in Elgin? Missed my train and can’t get back to glasgow for another few hours. Yours, an ordinary voter”
    @libby_brooks on twitter.
    Never thought I would be using it in this way.
    Can you help her out?
    1. GusB
      Oops, just picked this up - she has probably caught another train by now!
      7 Nov 2019
  7. KLL94
    KLL94 Georgey12
    Hi George,
    After the assessment day you’ll have an email to say whether you have got a final interview or not. If successful at interview you are offered employment as long as you pass the medical.
    Hope this helps!
    1. Georgey12
      Hi KLL94 and thankyou for the reply, do you know what the interview consists of?
      With the medical, normal things like drugs, alcohol blood pressure etc?
      7 Nov 2019
    2. DRIVE91
      Hi Georgey12, whens your interview?
      It will be a lot of give an example of a time when....
      Medical is exactly that :)
      20 Nov 2019 at 11:09
  8. Traintobe
    Traintobe lcdcm123
    Hi mate, I was a london cabbie, I'm now driving trains for GTR, best thing I ever did
  9. Mag_seven
    Don't you just love it when you realise you've boarded the wrong bus.
  10. Forest01
    Forest01 Jellytots898
    hi jellytops

    Im currently on the vic line and have leytonstone and seven sisters as my first n second nom for fulltime. Wanted to know if your on the central line, and if you are, then what’s it like. I live 5-7 mins walk from Leytonstone stn. Whats d depot like, managers, trains, line, duties etc

  11. Cumbria
    Cumbria Callmo
    Wouldn’t worry too much mate I’m in same boat .. it’s the railway where I work is the same now .. slow and painful lol
  12. NoMorePacers
    Currently waiting for some delay repay.
  13. JoshuaBrighton
    JoshuaBrighton New applicant
    Hey mate, so you're starting on the 25th too for Ayr? Have you recieved your contract yet?


    1. New applicant
      New applicant
      Hi Joshua yea I got mine a few weeks ago I wouldn’t worry if you don’t have it yet sounds like there is a few starting at Ayr and everything takes time With scotrail by the look of it
      29 Oct 2019
  14. Skymonster
    Classic traction fan: 20s, 37s, 47s and especially 56s
  15. Davieez
  16. chmt
    chmt Nj82
    You heard anything yet mate about your telephone interview?
    1. Nj82
      No mate not as yet
      28 Oct 2019
  17. methethpropbut
    I travelled on VTEC's last day 23rd Jun 2018, now I'll travel on VTWC's last day 7th Dec 2019. What are the odds!
  18. dj7bee
    dj7bee Jaytrains
    If you are waiting dmi for gwr and unsure of questions let me know and can email you
  19. 03_179
    My Brain Hurts !
  20. Jaysub
    Jaysub gareth386
    hey bud,
    you posted a roster a while ago,is that for lancing?
    iv got an interview there soon
  21. Annie Go-Ahead
    Annie Go-Ahead
  22. Jonno2055
    On a train somewhere.
    Before Today
  24. Davieez
    Davieez Anton Wright
    Hi just to answer your question I applied for a conductor Manchester position at the end of July had my interview on the 24th September which I passed and then I’ve just been given a medical on the 29th October. After speaking to the conductor manager he said that they are looking to get people on courses starting in January so I’m assuming I’ll be on one of those. I hope that helps you.
    1. Anton Wright
      Anton Wright
      Davieez that sounds promising. I hope I get the call up as that's very close to my expiration date. Thanks for the info m8
      19 Oct 2019
    2. Squidley
      Anton where and how did you did the application I would like to be a train driver
      21 Oct 2019
    3. Anton Wright
      Anton Wright
      Squidley just apply through the normal company websites. Alot of info can be found in this forum aswell. Good luck in your search
      23 Oct 2019
  25. Malcmal
    Malcmal Cowley
    Thank you for being the voice of reason on these forums. I always look forward to seeing your input :-)
    1. Cowley
      Thanks Malcmal I appreciate that.
      10 Oct 2019
  26. Dan 2513
    Dan 2513
    Chugging along
  27. JoshuaBrighton
    JoshuaBrighton Applepie356

    I hope you don't mine me messaging you. I saw your post about taking sertraline and having a medical. May i ask if it was an issue? I have a history of taking sertraline (Not on it now), but worried it will impact my medical having a history of depression.

    Thank you
  28. leanneford21
    Hi, I have a interview coming up for a carriage cleaner role, any tips on how to prepare?
  29. SJN
    SJN Withoutabix
    Hi. Got the email today that I passed MMI so now waiting for DM interview with the rest of you.
  30. Vacuumfriends
    Vacuumfriends Skoodle
    Hi buddy, would you pm me please?