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  1. ungreat
    ungreat O L Leigh
    Hi buddy long time!!
  2. Mojo
    China lied. People died.
  3. tetudo boy
    tetudo boy
    My name was supposed to be ''Tetsudo Boy''. IDK why i did that typo but i guess it's understandable.
  4. tetudo boy
    tetudo boy
    "I'm not A doctor, i am THE doctor! The definite article you might say!" Just posting my favorite quote on Classic Who!
    1. Class 466
      Class 466
      Brilliantly re-used in The Doctor Falls (slightly tweaked of course)
      4 Apr 2020 at 12:53
  5. backontrack
    reset myself and get backontrack
  6. Railway123321
    Railway123321 Matty93
    Hey Matty,

    Just saw your post about the interview - stay positive i'm sure you did great!

    If you don't mind me asking, roughly how many questions were asked? I'm just trying to plan approx how much time i will have to answer per question. Thank you! :)
    1. Matty93
      Thanks mate, fingers crossed.
      They ask a couple of brief questions about yourself and four competency based questions. They aren't difficult or hard to answer in any way, just don't put any more pressure on yourself than you need to. They want you to answer in STAR formation so the only prep you can really do is practice answering in that manner. Good luck
      30 Mar 2020
    2. Railway123321
      Thanks mate will defo practice using STAR! Fingers crossed for both of us. Cheers!
      30 Mar 2020
    3. Matty93
      No probs mate, all the best!
      30 Mar 2020
  7. badger1badger
    badger1badger JDevise
    Is it a face to face interview ?
  8. IamTrainsYT
    All the pacers except for 142087 and 143620!
  9. KuruptReader
    KuruptReader amanda08
    Hi Amanda,
    I hope you and your family are safe.
    My brother's been shortlisted for Train Manager at St Pancras.
    The EMR website is very sketchy on info regarding the interview process and the different stages. I've looked over your previous posts but was hoping for more on your experience going through the interview processes.
    The best of luck to all your upcoming interview and hoping you stay safe.
  10. Faz10
    Faz10 Gallius
    Hi Gallius, I see from your posts you are waiting for a start date for Rugby, me too.
    I already work for NR, I can’t wait to start the training!!!
    1. Gallius
      Hi there, it's good to hear from someone else starting in Rugby. I'm looking forward to getting started too, hoping training won't be delayed too long. Do you live in the Rugby area already?
      25 Mar 2020
    2. Faz10
      I live in northants, about 25 minute drive from the SCC, i work at Westwood in Coventry, my office is next door to a signalling training room. There is a lady there training to deliver the IST, we got talking and it looks like she will be delivering our training when she is qualified... at least that was the plan, things within NR training are changing by the day...
      25 Mar 2020
    3. Gallius
      Yes with everything going on at the moment it's all a bit up in the air just now. Paul said there may be a course running in June but he'll be in touch if/when confirmed.
      25 Mar 2020
  11. thealm
    Great Northern to London Overground!
    1. D365
      How does that help the Cambridge and Peterborough fasts?
      25 Mar 2020
  12. tetudo boy
    tetudo boy Mojo
    Hey, how do I change my name? Just asking in case I need to.
  13. SouthEastBuses
    A bus and train enthusiast currently living in the South East of England that is partially British and partially Italian.
  14. choochoo1988
    choochoo1988 Heatonmdd
    Hi , how is it as an MDD at heaton . Are you still their and do you enjoy the role? Thanks
  15. Cowley
    Is that rain..?
  16. Cowley
    I can’t buy the ingredients to make breakfast cheaper than Wetherspoons where they make it for you and also do the washing up...
    1. BluePenguin
      For only £4 you can’t go wrong with a Whetherspoons brekkie
      16 Mar 2020
  17. Kearney10
    Anyone give me advice what to expect from an assignment day for transoprt for wales guard job.thanks
  18. akm
  19. jezzer34
    jezzer34 Carrie-Cole
    Carrie let me know if you hear further news about the trainee driver talent pool and i will also let you know if i hear anything. probably a long wait for us now. they mentioned to me they hadn't taken on trainee drivers since 1994 so are expecting a lot of retirees soon and that its a ageing pool of drivers at plymouth and they wanted a younger work force.
    1. Carrie-Cole
      Yeah I’ll keep you posted still can’t believe we did it lol
      11 Mar 2020
    2. jezzer34
      yeah im so happy, i applied in april 2019! and i thought about it every day since. just cant wait to get a start date whenever that is. im not expecting anything for a while but you never know
      11 Mar 2020
  20. aljon
  21. 43106
    Happily retired!!!
  22. Carrie-Cole
    Yeah I felt it went really well it felt like it flowed nicely too just want to know now lol
  23. jezzer34
    jezzer34 Carrie-Cole
    hi mate, would rather speak off the main forum about the interview just in case its read by whoever until i get in the talent pool or rejected.
    i felt the interview went well on the whole, a couple questions i could of answered better but overall i think i did fairly well. i have felt good about interviews before though and not got the job so trying not to get my hopes up. how about you ?
  24. Why
    Whilst on a trip to Norwich got me wondering about the cost of the overhead power only for the journey.
  25. galaxynew
    galaxynew 7Paul7

    Hope you don't mind me messaging you direct, noticed you have a recent medical for a signaller

    My son has a medical next week for a signallers job, could i ask what the colour blind test was please?

    We think he has a minor colour vision deficiency, has no problem seeing colours in every day life but bit concerned he won't pass this part of the medical which would be devastating for him

  26. TWTrains
    Officially visited 900 stations in the UK now (as in hopping off and stepping onto the platform). My 900th station was Apperley Bridge.
  27. 83G/84D
    83G/84D ainsworth74
    How do I download a video from my iPhone to put on rail forums?
    1. ainsworth74

      We don't have the facility to host videos as it would simply take up too much storage space for it to be practical for us to host large numbers of videos. So you'll need to use a third party website (such as YouTube though others are available) and then post a link on the Forum to the video.

      21 Feb 2020
  28. DI87
    Hi mate, did you manage to get a number for the HR team? I’ve completed my psychs back in November and want to double check whether or not I need to complete the RAAT test or not. Many thanks.
  29. pitdiver
    pitdiver gimmea50anyday
    When did you work for NX. I did between 2006 and 2011 as customer experience manager at Milton Keynes
    1. gimmea50anyday
      I was a steward for Durham Travel Services, at the time they operated 526, 561, 563 and 591 routes Through the coach way. That however was back in 1997-8 and before it was discovered one of the senior managers had a hooker on the books!
      21 Feb 2020
    2. pitdiver
      who was the senior manager ?
      23 Feb 2020
  30. AshDee
    Invited to train drivers assessment day Feb 2020