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  1. Mad max
    Mad max Monopoli
    Hey, sorry you wer unsuccessful. You mind telling me how long they took to get back to you after an interview? Im flyin out so just trying to plan it according lol. Thanks for your help
  2. 59CosG95
    I may only be 23, but learning that Peep Show turns 15 years old today makes me feel ancient.
  3. Intermodal
    Intermodal InterCity:125
    I actually quite like Cunard's new ship! :D
  4. Gathursty
    Gathursty Crossover
    Thanks for the follow. I'll follow you too!
  5. AndrewE
    AndrewE yorksrob
    "I think that rather than thinking of the should be run as part of the outer reaches of the electrified network. "
    That too! I was just arguing about the naive optimism about batteries.
    1. yorksrob
      Yes, I agree. I was trying to comment on the general direction of the thread, rather than singling anyone out :)
      2 Sep 2018
  6. BigCj34
    BigCj34 AnkleBoots
    Are you able to refer me for a Nationwide account? Not sure if the Virgin offer is still active, but i was planning on switching accounts anyway and wouldn't mind the £100 bonus, I'm sure you won't either!
  7. Intermodal
    Intermodal Economist
    I was wondering what UK TOCs are not well known, unlike the well known one you drive for? :D
  8. Jack Barry
    Jack Barry ainsworth74
    In the London Underground disused stations I replied and after editing I noticed that another same post was there, I looked for delete post but could not find anything so can you help and delete post 47. I did report this but I think it goes to someone else? TIA
    1. ainsworth74
      Hi, all reports go to the full staff team so are seen by everyone. I have seen it and either I or someone else will deal with it as soon as is practical. Thanks.
      20 Aug 2018
  9. Class 403
    Class 403 ainsworth74
    How come ***** is considered such that it needs to be asterisked in the forums?
  10. Class 403
    Class 403 ainsworth74
    How come ***** is considered such that it needs to be asterisked in the forums?
    Now lives in Dalton Georgia USA
  12. train_lover
    train_lover Mojo
    Mojo, could you help me with changing my username please?
  13. Gus
    Gus SprinterMan
    SprinterMan. Can you confirm the Anglia Class 37's are still running until Sept 8th? I am thinking of taking a trip to the area on 4th/5th September. TIA
  14. Colin01
    Colin01 LeGrimpeur
    Basically I applied for both frieghtliner and MTR. I got a email stating I have to pick one application to go forward with. It also said that it I process both and am unsucessfull that counts as my two attempts.
  15. Colin01
    Colin01 LeGrimpeur
    Is this private
    1. A Challenge
      12 Aug 2018
  16. HumberSprinter
    Hopeful for upcoming holiday, hopeless otherwise.
  17. Class 403
    Class 403 Mike395
    Any idea if it's possible to change the banner at the top of the page whenever I visit the site, I think in the past there was a option to change it to various headers such as HSTs for one...

    Is this still a option or has it gone?
    1. Mike395
      Hey Class 403! It's gone for the moment as we needed to upgrade the forum software as a priority. It'll hopefully return in the future, but it's a fair job to collate these so not a priority at present unfortunately.
      7 Aug 2018
    2. Class 403
      Class 403
      Okay, that's fine I just thought I ask that's all. Thanks for being so prompt and polite.
      7 Aug 2018
  18. Indy3995
    Indy3995 Busandrail
    Hi Pal, have you had any news on a course start date yet?
  19. steevp
    steevp snowball
    Yes - the offending post in the Oxford Improvements thread has been removed by the mods. There was an extra word in the link "/codes/" and if you hovered over that part of the link it look you somewhere entirely different than what Jimm had originally linked
  20. InterCity:125
    Tired of 166s
  21. Deepgreen
    Deepgreen RailUKPhotos
    Sorry - Forgot to add my choice for next month's competition, which is 'Rain and Railways'.
  22. railfan26
    railfan26 UppyJC
    Have sent you email and pm regarding trackit uppy

    1. railfan26
      Thank you for the informative response. much appreciated
      4 Aug 2018
  23. Paul Sidorczuk
    Paul Sidorczuk Darren R
    Are you still experiencing computer problems in your local area?
  24. theironroad
    theironroad Scotrail84
    Hi mate, iirc you are a driver for Scotrail. Do you know what happens to Scotrail staff when they retire in terms of travel benefits. (Non safeguarded staff). I work for swr and they have a franschise to franchise agreement that allows retirees to keep their swr travel pass (no other privilege), but have to have done 10 years at least and retire rather than leave. Do sr have anything similar? Cheers .
  25. Desiro360
    Was wonderful to see a Class 37 locomotive running light engine on Wednesday this week. :)
  26. Paul Sidorczuk
    Paul Sidorczuk TimSYoung40145
    Are you easing your way back slowly? We have really missed your adjudication skills on "The next station is" quiz.
  27. Rachael92
    Rachael92 Ginge36
    Hiya, good luck with finding another women on here! Are you going through the recruitment process at the moment?
    1. 5andie1416
      I am a woman, I like quizzes - is there any on here?
      28 Jul 2018
  28. ShwervinMervin
    All The Operators from Thursday - Saturday!
  29. BallastMonkey
    BallastMonkey Al8oy
    Hello mate,

    Can you give me some friendly advice for what to expect from a DMI with SWR

    Thank you
  30. InterCity:125
    Google maps places Great Britain outside of Todmorden, West Yorkshire!