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  1. Mag_seven
  2. crebbs1
    crebbs1 Bufclee
    Hi Lee, I was at the stage 2 assessments on same day as you. I’m for Peterborough too, I did the computer tests at same time.
    Presume you haven’t heard back yet either?
    1. crebbs1
      Hi Lee did you get the successful email today?
      12 Dec 2018 at 16:44
  3. 317362
    317362 59CosG95
    Hi, Newbury lifts not working, source of considerable local amusement. A paper file has appeared in the caged off bit at top of lift area on P1. So maybe soon ..
  4. BenW390Fan
    Hi all! :D
  5. hexagon789
    hexagon789 JLUK144
    Liking the new avatar! ;)
  6. nodrogchannel
  7. 507021
    Thanks to all for your kind comments about my blog.
  8. Steo91
    Steo91 fantaheed
    Hi + I'm not sure if you still come on this forum but do you have any advice on what questions are asked for competency in the interview for signaller?

  9. Starmill
    Don't stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top!
    1. TT-ONR-NRN
      “Don’t Stop Movin” is better ;)
      2 Dec 2018
    2. Intermodal
      Are you sure?
      3 Dec 2018
    3. TT-ONR-NRN
      Yep. It’s certainly better than “Reach” which is cringe and bleuggh
      3 Dec 2018
  10. Mag_seven
    Mag_seven Starmill
    "Gin and Ting!"
    1. cactustwirly
      Didn't know it was a student night! lol
      1 Dec 2018
    2. Starmill
      "I mean can you imagine going up to the bar and actually saying 'gin and TING please'" LOL
      2 Dec 2018
    3. cactustwirly
      Well there's a cocktail at my local, called a 'Gin Ting'!
      2 Dec 2018
  11. silverfoxcc
    silverfoxcc Flying Phil

    can you pm me your email please. this thing only allows 420 characters!!
    1. Flying Phil
      Flying Phil
      E - mail sent
      28 Nov 2018
  12. TT-ONR-NRN
    Ahh I wish I was Swedish. I just love everything about Sweden...
  13. Tom Quinne
    Tom Quinne bb21
    Are you able to delete my thread in the disputes sub area please, two requests have gone unactioned and posts re-added that is deleted.

  14. big all
    big all
    we are -----------------------all still learning
  15. GusB
    HSTs passing at 2am - lovin' it :)
  16. Mag_seven
    defrosting the fridge
  17. SAM2389
    SAM2389 C.T.P.
    Congratulations on passing!!

    I've got mine on Thursday. Do you have any tips or Advice? What were the questions like?

    Was it as brutal as stage one assessment?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    1. C.T.P.
      We started with the vigilance test. We then continued straight away with the other two tests, the photographs being displayed for a second and the hand coordination test. We then answered in writing the 6 questions related to safety,
      21 Nov 2018
    2. C.T.P.
      working alone, under pressure, taking decisions in an emergency situation, being in a position similar to a train driver and completed another situational judgement exercise test which then formed the basis for the MMI interview. The interview lasted for approx 1 hour and they tell you on the spot or within 10-15 minutes whether you passed.
      21 Nov 2018
    3. C.T.P.
      My advice would be to be yourself and once you get to the interview, be honest
      21 Nov 2018
  18. SAM2389
    SAM2389 TONE.84
    Hello, seen a couple of your posts on the mtr cross rail thread.

    ALL the best on your MMI tomorrow. Just wanted to ask what type of revision you've done for your stage two as I'm in the same boat and have mine next Thursday but panicking that I haven't done enough. Any tips you could recommend?


  19. Yellow123
  20. WymoWanderer
    WymoWanderer 59CosG95
    RE: MML Electrification
    Just to say I had a look around the village (Wymington) today - no real progress to report.
    1. 59CosG95
      Ahh thanks very much WymoWanderer - I tend to do MML updates every fortnight so will wait with bated breath for any progress around there before Monday next
      13 Nov 2018
    2. WymoWanderer
      One of the road bridges are closed in the village next week for railway works. I'll have a look on Monday or Tuesday for any progress.

      13 Nov 2018
  21. BluePenguin
    BluePenguin Joshua Nelson
    Welcome to the forum Josh
  22. Starmill
    Starmill Mag_seven
    "Oh look, it's Mr Wetherspoon, and that bloke who does the sodding vacuum cleaners!"
    1. BluePenguin
      11 Nov 2018
  23. Aussie_Rail
    Happy Guy Fawkes Day!
  24. gimmea50anyday
    gimmea50anyday BMIFlyer
    So where are you based at? I had you down as being in Dishwater House but clearly you are front line. You will likely know who I am as seemingly a number of people including Gabbay, fearnley and Looker worked it out ;-)
    1. 185
      I know a song about the first one of those three :oP
      10 Nov 2018
    2. gimmea50anyday
      Oops! That was meant to be a PM!
      11 Nov 2018
  25. 507021
    Managed to get four required units and a new shack on yesterday's day trip to Yorkshire.
  26. scotrail170407
    In Burntisland
  27. Mojo
    There’s only one ‘D’ in Advance.
    1. matt
      But 2 in advanced :p
      25 Oct 2018
    2. Billie05
      Hiya sorry to be a pain not sure how these sites work, but felt if anyone can you lot can... I’ve applied for a trainee conductor, I’ve completed the online tests over a week ago but not heard anything... am I assuming no news is good news, or is the timescale longer on these.. cheers Billie
      15 Nov 2018
  28. Sammy h
    Sammy h swanseabased
    Hi, can you DM me please reference your post?
  29. wizzyfirefly
    wizzyfirefly Sofia@uk
    i duffed the DFFT.. sadly panicked as I forgot to cover one page and realised Id mixed two up un same answer..... made a boooboo so went back and checked and realised id wasted too much time

    only managed 6 examples
    1. Sofia@uk
      Oh no thats a shame, but easily done. Was that your first attempt?
      21 Oct 2018
  30. Class 403
    Class 403 ainsworth74
    Just got to ask but has RUK got rid of private messages? I wanted to exchange a email address with another member and I can't see how it's possible to send a PM.