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    Competition for new location of GBR Headquarters

    With tongue firmly in cheek (!?!) one imagines a government competition which omits to specify that the host town must have a railway station. It would be a particularly British thing to end up with its rail HQ in a town not served by rail!
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    Avanti West Coast: Standard Premium

    How is one supposed to know it's coach K at weekends? The 3 or 4 coaches are still clearly labelled 1st and the station displays also shows the same? Like others here, I regard the whole thing as amateurish. When I completed their endless survey earlier in lockdown, I really did wonder how it...
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    What are most trains made out of?

    In general, passenger train bodies are, these days, made from aluminium with some steel parts. Bogies are always made from steel although there are experiments going on with a bogie frame made from carbon fibre. Wheels and axles are always steel. Locomotives are almost always made from steel...
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    How long will it take Avanti to tidy up after Virgin?

    It would be good if Avanti would tidy up after themselves. Standard Premier has started, yet the coaches are still marked 1st class. Only the antimacassars have been changed. I wonder whether this accounts for the small numbers in that accommodation?
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    Leaf fall- Dry Ice Experimentation on the Northern Network

    Those articles may not mention the benefit of the CO2 dry ice pellets turning to gas but the Professor in charge of the work certainly makes this point in his presentations.
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    Best parking for Stanmore on a Saturday

    Beware of Stanmore car park if there's something on at Wembley. On those occasions it gets full.
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    Central Line RAT trains

    You might like to sample the contents of the tanks on the LU RATs but I really wouldn't recommend it!
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    HS2 Euston - number of platforms... again...

    The article bases everything on the nominal 25 minute turnaround time. If this is set in stone, then the logic of the article makes sense. It's also necessary to allow some wriggle room somewhere and other destinations have less wriggle room than London. The author cites Glasgow Central where...
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    London Underground: Man died after falling into gap, RAIB finds

    Three points about gap fillers: 1) Those in New York are interlocked with the signals and have little rubber wheels so that the train will push them back slightly until the track circuit that triggers retraction is occupied. 2) The victim at Waterloo wasn't adjacent to a door when he fell in...
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    Wheel flange

    For the sake of completeness, a very small number of cable hauled railways - funiculars have wheelsets with a flange on the inside and outside of one wheel and no flanges on the other. on funiculars with two vehicles balanced via the rope, this system allows the cars on a single track to pass at...
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    TfL Rail service from heathrow nonnstopping after 4 minutes of delays

    It also depends on the rules the controller was working to. It would be simple to tell MTR Crossrail that non-stopping booked stations is not acceptable. I have always thought that this activity only benefitted the TOC chasing performance stats that generally don't benefit the customers. As far...
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    Nearly Caught Out by Expired Disabled Railcard

    The rail companies through the Rail Delivery Group recognised this issue, but it was at a time when they had to ask the government before doing anything that might have a cost. Extension of rail cards was deemed by DfT to have an unacceptable cost so permission to grant extensions was refused.
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    How flexiable are LNR with 59 vs 60 minute delays for delay repay payouts?

    The arrival time is an estimate based on a) the actual time that the last track circuit before stopping at the station is occupied plus b) an estimate of how long it takes for the train to get from that location to the stopping position. At terminal stations, that estimate may or may not be...
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    East-West Rail (EWR): Oxford-Bletchley construction progress

    What seems to be missing from the design is an entrance on the shopping centre side of the railway which would open up the station to "the other side of the tracks".
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    Progress on Avanti West Coast's 805/807s Hitachi AT300 sets

    If I were the representing Avanti and/or the funder (ROSCO) I would insist on not accepting any units unless the root cause of the cracking is understood and resolved on "my" units.