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    Merseyrail most punctual' rail network in UK for second year running

    From a passengers perspective it’s great, less chance of a non-stop service due to late running. But there are waits outside Chester station whilst one leaves (3-4 mins) And a slower journey to Liverpool (up to 5 mins longer) with standing time en route, being the only downsides.
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    ‘a coach becoming uncoupled on this train earlier today’

    It is; However I’d have used this reason in Tyrell “a fault occurring when detaching a part of this train”
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    Merseyrail most punctual' rail network in UK for second year running

    Merseytravel won’t allow the Leaf-Fall timetable to be in all year round. Something to do with extended journey times. Everyone else is all for it.
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    Northern agrees deal with Aslef to ease weekend train cancellations

    No. There’s no problem with any particular depot. Again, don’t be blinded by stereotypes.
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    Northern agrees deal with Aslef to ease weekend train cancellations

    If you actually look at the planned cancellations on a Sunday; The Liverpool-Manchester Airport service has suffered quite a bit, but it’s actually 50/50 Liverpool & Manchester Piccadilly traincrew work. Wigan- Stalybridge cancelled every Sunday - Manchester Victoria & Wigan depots (Victoria...
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    Another Merseyrail capacity reduction

    Yes but don’t forget there’s nothing they can do without consulting Merseytravel first, it will all have been agreed.
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    Another Merseyrail capacity reduction

    It’s down to Stadler, they’re their units now, they dictate the unit availability.
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    Another Merseyrail capacity reduction

    Nothing to do with spare parts/failure related. To do with mileage & heavy maintenance like any other fleet.
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    Northern post pacer and PRM allocations

    No 156’s based at Allerton. All at NH. 158790 will be seen around Leeds as well as the other Heaton based ones. There are Heaton diagrams that go to Hull, Morecambe, a diagram on the Knottingley’s.
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    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    In terms of the 4 car ones. 6 are based at Allerton, 6 at Neville Hill. They could be changed over but no need to unless it’s for urgent work that one or the other can’t do. The same 6 stick to each side. All 3 car 331’s are based at Allerton.
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    Northern 323s refurbishment and cascade

    Definitely agreed, they’ve improved a lot over the last 12 months I’d say. There’s still the usual faults, doors, traction motor flashovers/motor faults etc. One of the worst has gone - 374. This had a common history of getting severe WSP on a dry rail.
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    Why has Northern performance improved so much since Christmas?

    You can’t still be buying the sickness thing surely?! You’ve fell for what every press release has said. Remember how there were widespread cancellations on the 24/27th December? Move forward to the 28th December (a Saturday) and there were very few cancellations. You’re telling me everyone...
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    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    There’s 5 331/1 diagrams on the West plus a maintenance unit. Mainly operating out of Liverpool, and 1 doing Blackpool-Airport’s all day.
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    153 on Mid-Cheshire line?

    Loss of auxiliaries too? So bardic on the front and forward at 20mph?
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    MEN article-"Northern Rail is crumbling from the inside out and things are only going to get worse"

    Such as? With the exception of the Sunday problem of course. What other problems in relation to Diagrams, Rostering and Training are the Unions causing the stop them running a train service? Did they cause a service to be cancelled a few weeks ago out of Liverpool because it was a new driver...