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  • 156, why don't you put a link to your blog in your signature? People who may not go into the trip reports section may also see it that way, wherever you post. Enjoying it so far!

    Adam :)
    Phatboy can you post your email address on here please as I can't PM you.
    Hi, is it possible to put a link on your blog to my blog on east anglian railways? I will put a link on my page.
    Hi there I noticed you had got some ticket stampers some time back do you still have them and are willing to sell them?
    I read that you has an assessment with Metrolink.How many attended that day and what percentage made it through?Did they mention how many they are recruiting and when are they planning on starting training?I have also got date in November for the assessment so if you have any tips and further advice it would be appreciated.


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