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    HST coach disposals

    Earlier today I saw 47815 passing Alderton (between Swindon and Bristol Parkway) with another six former GWR HST Mk3s en route Ely - Newport Docks, it consisted of 47815 + barrier coaches ADB977087 ADB975875 + 42070 42043 42099 42272 42216 42283 + barrier coach 6344.
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    Brighton to Bristol direct service history

    I remember the Brighton - Bristol services were running in the 1980s, until May 1988 hauled by class 33s, which were then replaced by the newly introduced 155s. These trains added a bit of variety to the 33s seen in the Bristol area as they were normally worked by Hither Green allocated 33s...
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    Abandoned railway stock, Reading (East)

    D818 was at Swindon Works, the Warship at Reading was D821
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    Have Locomotive Services Limited purchased some HSTs?

    The stewards were on the train to ensure passengers did not lean out of the windows when the train was in motion.
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    GA Class 90 Mark 3 Sets Withdrawal

    The only Mk3s with CET toilets are the coaches modified with power operated doors, the Chiltern loco hauled coaches and the HST coaches operated by Cross Country, GWR and Scotrail.
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    Is it time for some of the ex GWR Long Marston stock?

    I saw the train pass Severn Tunnel Jn earlier, consist is six Mk3s with four in blue livery and two in green: 57312 6330 42383 42518 42233 42381 42305 42303 6338
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    GWR Intercity Express Train (IEP) initial diagrams & allocations

    On the IETs there are small cams set into the door frames, which operate above I would guess approx 5 - 10mph. The purpose of these cams is to push the door a few millimetres into the rubber door seal to make a draught proof seal. The reverse to this happens as the train slows down as the cams...
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    Heaviest trains

    Just found a photo online of the commemorative plaque attached to 59005, it was in the UK, between East Somerset Junction and Berkley.
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    (TRIVIA) Most indirect through train

    Weston Super Mare to Cardiff Central, about 59 miles by rail, about 15 miles direct across the Bristol Channel.
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    ‘a coach becoming uncoupled on this train earlier today’

    A couple of years ago I was on a train delayed by a passenger being taken ill and the train having to wait for an ambulance to arrive. On arrival at the next station the automatic announcement said the delay was due to poor rail adhesion, this was in the middle of summer!
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    Birmingham Stations Divert Knowledge

    That’s interesting, I didn’t realise that as the only times I have travelled from Bristol to Birmingham on XC I have arrived at New Street via five ways.
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    Birmingham Stations Divert Knowledge

    Camp Hill is a normal route for XC. The services between New Street and Bristol that start at Manchester Piccadilly go this way. I don’t know if they all do but every time I’ve travelled from Birmingham to Bristol on a service that has come from Manchester they have taken this route. They only...
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    Trivia: trains that are partly made of wood

    On 150s and probably a lot of other units from the same era the internal floor, internal bulkheads, cab access door from vestibule and various internal access doors are made of plywood.
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    GWR Class 158s being reformed into 2-cars

    The recently disbanded 158961 was the third unit to carry that number, the first two were operated by Wessex Trains. The first one was formed of both vehicles from 158746 and 52745 from 158745, this formation was a temporary 3-car formation from approx. November 2004 until early 2005 due to...
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    GWR class 800-802 names.

    800004 is also now denamed.