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    It is in the public domain now. Read it in Railways Illustrated this week, so that's why I was happy to comment. There is no need to delete as this forum is for saying anything. We liked Neils talk, so I won't say in public why I know things about DRS, so he shall come back.

    I never like how new members are reacted too here, and what you were saying was correct. Hence I joined in.

    Welcome to the forum, I for one am looking forward to seeing 68s in a number of liveries.

    Also, just to demonstrate, 455driver I think said they can re-design the 68 to be IIIb. This again is not true, Neil said the 68s are the last large engine locos to be built under EU regs.

    (Hence the class 88 with a Euro Reg IV engine - more powerful than the Euro Reg IIIb engine as announced last year. Neil challenged Vossloh to upgrade the power, hence the IV. Means the 88 shall keep line speed on diesel! But of course if I said that on here, they would be rude and offensive towards me)
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