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    Trivia: Britain's Strangest Bus Routes

    Fridays only Scunthorpe to Dragonby 327 service, especially when Dragonby is only a short walk from a bus stop on the road to Roxby and Winterton served by the half-hourly 350 service from Scunthorpe to Hull and back.
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    Weird train-related dreams

    I had a dream last night that involved being on a train of some description, and I boarded the train at an unstaffed station with no TVM and I pressed a button on the side of my seat, and out of the arm rest came a 'promise to pay' voucher. The dream ended before the conductor made it to me, though.
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    If RailUKforums was a train would it be PRM/TSI compliant?

    I think RailForums, if it was a train, would be of a Class 800 series. :)
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    Duty Cards

    Very nice. I've got a picture somewhere of a sheet for a Stagecoach route, although it doesn't have any contact details included for in the event of a breakdown, nor a reminder not to leave the station before the correct time. It does however, list the types of ticket that are valid on the...
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    Iran Railways

    I think it's a shame that when it comes to discussing international rail travel, how Iran all too often seems to get overlooked. I was interested in particular when I watched a few YouTube videos about their sleeper trains.
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    Buses and the coronavirus

    That more or less parallels with the Hull based bus company that they own:
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    Buses and the coronavirus

    Stagecoach East Midlands has announced changes to services: Source:
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    Attacks on TPE Staff at Cleethorpes

    In hindsight, yes, sorry if any rats are reading this. ;) In all seriousness though, it's the insult I also make about the gangs of kids who hang around the bus station (in Scunthorpe) and outside the adjacent cinema, especially at night.
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    Buses and the coronavirus

    In Scunthorpe, Stagecoach have some Wright Eclipses, without anti attack screens, apparently one reason why they are rarely seen on the roads in the evening!
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    Coldest UK railway station

    Scunthorpe, Grimsby Town and Cleethorpes.
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    Buses and the coronavirus

    What's the likelihood of all or the vast majority of bus routes being canceled for a while as either part of a lock down or bus companies or individual op cos of bus companies canceling them as a 'precaution'? This would leave many people stranded, if they catch long distance buses, for example...
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    TRIVIA: companies/services named after birds or animals

    Humber Fastcat - route 350 between Scunthorpe and Hull, run jointly between Stagecoach and EYMS.
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    TGV Derailment (5th March)

    I wonder if the power car unit will be a write off?
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    GWR and Southeastern to offer free rail travel to domestic abuse victims

    Will they offer this scheme to men who are victims of domestic violence too?
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    Televisions on buses.

    I doubt it, one of the Stagecoach buses in Hull, it has such a screen, still get teenagers being unruly, some even making funny faces and laughing at themselves when they see themselves on the screen. Besides, don't most people know regardless of the existence of a screen that they are being...