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    Close connections to other public transport

    My "plan B" for arriving at Hereford from Birmingham , in time for the last bus home is exactly that, enough cash to pay for a Taxi. Published times give 40 mins to get to bus outside station entrance. I have had a few times when the train is either late or Cancelled sufficiently to miss the...
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    LNER compulsory reservations - what happens if you don’t have one?

    Hotels are often like that. Only a proportion of rooms are bookable online , others are kept back for walk in guests or phone bookings
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    Barmouth / Y Bermo bridge

    Thanks for the info. which confirms my own understanding . I posted the question as my initial phone contact this morning with TFW advised me that that the bus from Machynlleth went to Barmouth to pick up the train, which I questioned as I didn't believe there were any facilities for such a...
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    Barmouth / Y Bermo bridge

    Not sure if this is the right thread but does anyone know if the bus replacement from Machynlleth to Pwllheli runs all the way or is there a rail shuttle north of Barmouth
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    Incorrectly addressed mail

    I had the DVLA sending me reminders for previous owners car tax. After the 3rd time I sent it back to DVLA with a note to say any further correspondence from them to this individual at my address I would take as harassment. Didn't get anther one
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    Bridge Strike at Machynlleth (01/09)

    Tippers used when Tarmac laying , reverse whilst tipping into the hopper that is continually moving especially on long runs like Motorways, but it is part of the job. A speed interlock sounds a good idea.
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    Llangollen Railway Reopening

    If I go to the Facebook page as per link above , and look at page transparency it states "LLANGOLLEN RAILWAY PLC is responsible for this Page.". If I then check in Companies House it advises the Company is in Administration C/O COWGILL HOLLOWAY BUSINESS RECOVERY LLP. Which raises a doubt in my...
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    Llangollen Railway Reopening

    Where does one actually find information on if and when trains are running?
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    Passengers getting confused by different TOCs or liveries.

    I cannot see why one should imagine that passengers should be expected to have any idea that the "class" of train could/ should have any bearing on its route or usage. When I first started to use rail travel after I had retired I had no idea what to expect , it was all new and in previous...
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    Live signalling diagrams

    I can just remember as a child watching trains heading out towards Halesowen standing on the top of Frankley Beeches back in the early 1950's .
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    National Rail SVR fare missing?

    According to August SVR Branchline some changes due in September. The Railway is preparing to reintroduce local trains during the midweek services, from Tuesday 7th September. More details will be provided in the coming weeks, but this will be welcomed by those wanting a return to some sort of...
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    Heart of England Rover Delay

    As its a Ranger ticket, I would not claim delay repay but contact the TOC and ask for compensation for a disrupted journey as you couldn't complete the planned one. I have done similar when I have abandoned a journey on an open ticket due to cancelled train , they have to of course accept...
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    Cheapest return fare.

    BUK Bucknell to LLE Llanelli Anytime day return £16.10 Single £16.00 Circa 3 hrs each way
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    Flashing Green Signals - Norway

    Thanks both
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    Flashing Green Signals - Norway

    I have been watching various Video clips of rail journeys in Norway , particularly Bergan - Oslo line and wondered what flashing green signals mean. Can anyone enlighten me?