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    Setting up a railtour company..

    Most if not all railtour operators have management teams who some or all of work in appropriate areas of the rail industry and years of experience which can be transferred to train planning, knowing who to talk to and how to talk to them, having a strong list of contacts and the ability to plan...
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    40145 To Lincoln 06/12/08

    Hi All, Doesn't seem to be a post about this one yet? 40145 is working a Shrewsbury-Lincoln tour on Saturday 6th Dec - details etc on the Rail Blue Website Dave
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    The Christmas Cracker

    Hello indeed!
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    Yes :-)

    Yes :-)
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    New Spitfire Tours

    Forgot this one, was only a nipper at the time! :) Dave
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    New Spitfire Tours

    But is it really? Window bars have already been applied to stock in anger in the early 90s after several incidents with window hanging, culminating with a chap getting decapitated by a tunnel wall on a North Wales Kettle-ex. The current 'cotton wool world' doesn't come into it - it's happened...
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    Preservation Locos-Should at least 1 be Preserved?

    There's a 'Nelson' Driving Motor at Horsted Keynes but not sure about the Genny Coach - I believe it's on static display? The only operational EMUs afaik are various 419s scattered around the country - however these are running on Battery power.
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    New Spitfire Tours

    Not at all - it makes perfect sense to be honest. Only takes someone to whack their arm into a passing train at a fair speed for H+S and Network Rail to really start clamping down. Is it worth that just to be able to wave your arms around a bit? As said, we've all done it - but it's best left...
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    The Christmas Cracker

    Suppose i'm part of the 'group' now seeing as I ended up lurking with your troupe....still, you managed to sweetalk RailUK to me enough to sign up! Dave
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    Preservation Locos-Should at least 1 be Preserved?

    The issue with preserving EMUs is simple - what do you do with them? You can't simply string up some knitting and away you go - the chances of a preserved AC line are slim at best - and few can be used as fully functioning hauled stock. Not many museums will accept a EMU as, due to the fact...
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    New Spitfire Tours

    Nothing wrong with leaning out to enjoy the noise - just a ban on bellowing. We've all done it in the past however it's 2008 not 1988, you can't get away with it anymore like you could 10 or 20 years ago.
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    Retro Railtours

    Looks like a good one - will keep an eye on that. Dave
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    Crewe Heritage Closure

    The heritage centre is open on the last Sunday in January for a model railway show, and the lads from CHC usually get involved - the whole site is open for viewing while at last years show 03073 was available on 'Driver for a Fiver' duties on the running line. Can't remember whether the...
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    1st Time Developer - Assistance Required!

    Hi guys, Having developed for MSTS for a number of years, I thought it time to dabble in BVE...but not all is good! Using the 37901 files as a basis (Sorry Martin! The loco won't be released...even if it advances) I've had a shot at a 25/2 but the following problem is in place :(...
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    50015 back in action

    THAT is because passengers have taste in traction, Mark! ;) Both Mark and myself will be staffing the nightrider overnight...but only one of us officially ;) Dave