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  • Sorry for the delay in getting back i missed the personal meesage tag.

    In may I saw 66536 having its nuts revved off the engine and i didn't realise that sheds could sound that loud. Since then I've failed to see any other visitors and there is nothing showing on TOPS list as at LngprtDBS which the location on TOPS/Trust of the Electromotive shed.

    As for the Shed hauled coals they run only as required under 6Z89 or 6Z98 dependent on the working. They are Liverpool Bulk Terminal to Ratcliffe PS and very occasionally through up a TUG but i've not seen one of the coal trains for months now and generally run during the autumn and winter months
    hi seen your local pics wondered if you know if the class 66s are still being worked on at longport? also have seen a few dbs 66 hauled coal trains thro alsager recently do you have any info on where from/to and timings? cheers
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