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    Edmondson tickets at preserved railways?

    I have :) But on a pass, and it's mostly Day Rover holders otherwise.
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    Edmondson tickets at preserved railways?

    According to the current KWVR magazine, Damems still has an NCR21, but as a TTI I've never seen a ticket issued on it. There's a print-your-own-ticket NCR21 in the waiting room at Keighley but I don't think that's quite what waa meant :)
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    Help Regarding Unpaid Penalty Fare

    A bit off topic, but that refers to "disruption" - does GC cancelling its train come under that heading?
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    Random termination points

    The route was double track right through to East Grinstead and had as many trains north of HK as Eridge-Hailsham, so there was no obvious plan to close t it - indeed, the SR proposed to electrify through to South Croydon via Oxted in their "final fling" postwar scheme (possible prewar too). As...
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    Trivia: Strike-Induced Timetable Trivia

    Presumably service recovery after the late start - it formed the 0845 back.
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    90s Manchester Victoria Remodelling

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    Rack railway engagement

    I would have thought the principal wear is on the face of the cogwheel where it engages with the rack, so roughly perpendicular to the rail.
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    Potential effect of RMT strikes on Eurostar services

    Which is open 12 hours on strike days, so affecting evening trains.
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    Misused Freedom pass in Tube, recieved a letter from TFL

    Your friend will hear from them when they follow this up, which could be a few weeks. If they contact you at all (and they may not do so) it will be after that.
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    Longest unchanging departure slot in the hour?

    No, it must have been a couple of years later - see below. Early SR days at a guess! Became a Salisbury terminator (33+8TC). The Brighton-Plymouth was retimed, as Taunton said causing much annoyance (not to mention resentment from ex-SR people). It was withdrawn as a daily service after a...
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    Historic service patterns in the Brighton Main Line

    Took some finding again, but the 10.23SX Pompey due 12.40 , empty to Streatham Hill, is shown as C.B.C. Intriguing BTW is the use of a solo 4CEP on the overnight Gatwicks - presumably easier to do tickets than a BIL/HAL?
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    Deutsche Bahn compulsory reservations on IC/ICE proposal

    Certainly included in First for a year or two.
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    Sleepers in France

    There are (were?) private compartments, but only bookable via SNCF. And not cheap for a solo traveller.
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    Penalty fare given to family

    No, they are being treated as people without tickets. Once the penalty fare is paid, that is an end to it.
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    Help Regarding Unpaid Penalty Fare

    It seems fairly standard LNER practice to spread the load over more than one train, certainly at busier times of day.