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    Revival of the night trains continue, ÖBB to start Vienna-Paris

    The suggestion in post #5 was to "add a couple of sleepers" to the Berlin-Zurich. As I said in #7 the problem is that the train is already 14 cars, but that includes 3 DB coaches which are AIUI priced on the normal DB tariff. There is a newer Drehscheibe suggestion that Zurich-Hamburg and...
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    The Quietest Route From Glasgow to Edinburgh?

    Been like that for years.
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    Revival of the night trains continue, ÖBB to start Vienna-Paris

    It's Hildesheim which is a fraction further North still. But I think JonasB was suggesting this for the Paris-Berlin cars over the section from Mannheim/Frankfurt, with the Vienna portion running East from there. OeBB's model works by combining portions into whole trains as far as possible, so...
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    Train Describers and the Internet

    Welcome to the forum, both of you. For the benefit of non-specialists, could you please interpret the acronyms in line with forum rules - NR and PSB I know but...
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    Can you pass through a station a second time when making a single journey?

    If you can't get an itinerary with double back via either C or D (which I think is the situation you describe), I think you might hit trouble :(
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    Revival of the night trains continue, ÖBB to start Vienna-Paris

    That would work reasonably well, though the times in Paris wouldn't be ideal (nearer 1800/1000 than 1900/0900 at a rough estimate). However, the Berlin/Hamburg train is booked load 14 so they'd have to knock out the DB internal IC coaches. Or do a complete rejig of the timetable?
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    Partial branch-passenger bus-substitutions, "way back when"

    The LNER also closed the intermediate stations on the York-Scarborough line, ostensibly to prioritise seaside traffic; passengers were directed to the normal bus service (no doubt part-owned by the railway). It was common practice for rail tickets to be valid on parallel bus routes, and winter...
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    Revival of the night trains continue, ÖBB to start Vienna-Paris

    Agreed. On the German Drehscheibe site are comments that OeBB are also targeting Berlin-Paris: the two portions would, I imagine, combine somewhere in the Frankfurt-Mannheim area (depending on the route from Vienna - the historic route is via Munich and Stuttgart, which would mean that going via...
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    about TI E464 in intercity/ICN services

    I've just looked on vagonweb and that mix seems to be roughly as booked, including the top-and-tail workings on Sicily. Despite the OP's question, there are no driving trailers in the sleeper...
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    Why was the South Eastern division more photographed than the Central?

    I hope I'm right, as I was too young to travel those routes. By Horsham BTW I was meaning the Guildford route.
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    about TI E464 in intercity/ICN services

    I don't think anyone does - the new build of Nightjet stock, which will be operating the trains mentioned, is fixed formation, but I can't find out whether there is a driving trailer.
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    HST Castle sets from Cardiff

    Belated apology - need to keep up.
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    Is the UK 'overdue' a serious rail accident?

    Was that the Balham one?
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    Is the UK 'overdue' a serious rail accident?

    My impression from reports in the railway press (and here, but they overlap) is that the on going issue (related to Horizon22's second point) relates to voice communication misunderstandings, and that typically applies to non-routine - eg engineering work - but non-emergency situations. That...
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    Trivia: Stations on our railway network which are closed but the platforms still exist.

    Pedantically, when it closed it was called Haddenham (Thame had its own).